April 2, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

We had a lovely spring break. We didn’t cross off everything our to-do list, but we did what we could, and we feel rejuvenated enough to finish the year strong. #letsdothis

This dress would be an easy style to sew.

If I didn’t sew one for myself already, I would definitely scoop up this denim kimono.

I love the little details in this kid room.

Inspired by this weaving and super excited about Rachel’s weaving book!

I’ve got a strong craving for an Umami Burger.

We discovered this Mexican ice cream and paleta shop (thanks to a tip from a neighbor). My brain was exploding in giddiness because there were so many delicious looking options.

Just ordered this cookbook for my girls.

I watched Arrow on Netflix and now I’m hooked. #olicityforever

It’s been a super busy few weeks, so my sister and I haven’t been able to film some videos, but this week, the videos will return! Don’t forget to follow along on our YouTube channel here.

Super thankful taxes are done and turned in to our accountant. Woot! Woot! #ihatetaxes

Someone from our church passed and we were reminded of the brevity of life. My hope is not in this life, but the one that is to come. Jesus died to give me life, and it’s my dying to self and trusting in Jesus is where my life is found. Even when things hurt, my joy lies in Christ and His promises.

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