August 13, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

We’re loving the Olympics, so I’m thankful for when the girls and I all pile in my bed and watch together. I love serenading them with the national anthem when USA gets gold.

Thankful my mom celebrated another year in her life! And she never ages.

Love these pastel colored macrame.

Caramel churro chex mix sounds good. I’d happily be snacking on that.

School is coming up soon and I’m finalizing my curriculum choices for the year.

We are enjoying the last bits of summer with lots of swimming.

The whole house got sick with some sort of bug a week ago, and we all took turns with it. Praise the Lord we are all back to enjoying our temporary good health again.

I want to paint the rest of the downstairs and give it a fresh coat of white, but I’m intimidated. I know I did all of upstairs, but starting again downstairs makes me nervous. Gotta find that motivation again.

We’ve got lots of garden projects up the wazoo, so that’s what we will be working on this weekend. Happy weekending friends!



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