date night in san luis obispo

September 8, 2016

Recently, Ben and I went to San Luis Obispo for the weekend. He attended a California Rare Fruit Grower’s conference on edible landscaping, and I gallivanted about town. We were reunited again once the conference was over, then we had a nice little date night in downtown SLO.

We walked around a bit, made our way to Bubblegum Alley to snap a quick picture (we were in awe and disgusted by all the gum), and then we went to Flour House for dinner. He chose the wild boar meatball pizza and I went with the ahi pizza. I love the way the pizza dough was cooked, and while both were delicious, we agreed my ahi pizza was better. That sauce though… so good! We asked for extra to dip our crust in. I want to experiment and try some homemade pizzas with fish on it.

After dinner, especially when on a little getaway, I must have dessert. We walked over to the Batch for some old fashioned ice cream sandwiches. I went with half peanut butter cookie, half oatmeal, with churro ice cream. I ate my ice cream as we sat out by the creek. It’s such a lovely, laid-back town, and we both loved the town vibes.

We were so close to the beach, so of course we had to make our way over there too. Watching the sunset at Pismo Beach was the perfect way to end our date. It reminded us of our dating days because we used to go to the beach for dates, and it would often end with us watching the sunset.

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