‘tudes and tantrums

September 28, 2016

Tuesday was rough. I got ‘tudes and tantrums all day long. I’ve been asking God to help me abound in thanksgiving, while trying to lovingly lead the girls to repentance (not always great at this). I’m looking forward to a new day, where there are new mercies and more opportunities to point the kids (and myself) to gospel and grace. I may not always be abounding in thanksgiving, but grace certainly abounds all the more.

4 comments on “‘tudes and tantrums”

  • Karla says:

    I’m in the exact same place. I feel like it’s every day, which makes it hard to look forward to getting up, mothering, getting on with my day. *sigh*

  • patty says:

    I live in tudes’city with 10yrold and 13yr old girls…The moon and estrogen run the house. lol. poor daddy. yay for his garden, his guitar and his art 🙂 On days like these, I smudge my house with some sweet grass or sage, and we all get a little smudge. It really ‘clears” the air <3

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