denim on denim

October 13, 2016

I was going through and reorganizing my closet and there’s a strong theme in my clothing choices… I love denim. Now, while I do have a nice stash of denim jeans (that probably don’t get enough use cause I prefer dresses), I have a pretty collection of denim dresses, half I made, and the other half, vintage. My newest denim addition is this vintage oversized denim jacket. I have always loved Erin’s and this pin (or even this one, but the pockets are way large), so I was so excited to come across my own. I’d probably like it more worn with a dress, I’m just a dress girl, but since it was a cooler day (and those are rare), I took the opportunity to wear jeans. The weather forecast says we will get enjoy fall weather until next Wednesday, so we are loving layering up a bit until the next heat wave comes.

wearing: jacket, vintage (vintage here, new there and there). shirt, vintage (vintage here, new there). jeans, vintage levi’s (similar here). clogs, maguba. basket, space rocket store. earrings, noonday collection.

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