true’s drop waist birthday dress

April 28, 2017

The destination for True’s birthday is Palm Springs, so I wanted to make her a birthday dress with retro modern vibes. The fabric fits the bill perfectly. I accidentally made the torso part too long (I was working on it while she wasn’t home to measure), but I do like the end result much more. It was a happy accident. To balance out the really low gathered waist, I added in some waist ties. The skirt has a light gather, so the bottom isn’t too full. I would totally wear this style, but maybe in a plain white linen (or light grey) fabric, and Soul is already requesting I make her one just like this. The dress turned out better than I planned, and seems perfectly fit for celebrating this 11 year old.

on true: dress, homemade. leopard sandals, jcrew (birthday gift from her grandmama).

4 comments on “true’s drop waist birthday dress”

  • Mary Ann says:

    Love this dress–so much! Sure looks absolutely beautiful!
    Did you make this up entirely on your own or did you use a pattern?
    Love all of your posts and your sharings.
    Sending you happiness and joy from Vermont. xo

  • Christina C says:

    Curious if you ever share your patterns? This dress is adorable!

    • Rubyellen says:

      I don’t. I create them on the spot. If I ever figure out a way to make it easy for everyone, I will definitely share here.

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