our mini garage sale

August 15, 2017

Ben and I are donate people and haven’t really tried out hosting our own garage sale, but one of our neighbors/friends was having one, and she thought it would be a great idea if everyone joined in, so we did! There were 3 of us in our cul-de-sac that set up shop on our driveway. Funnily enough, Ben had some company pick up all our donations the day before, but they turned down baskets (not the WOVENFOLK type) and books, so that’s all we had to sell (and a rack of his suits). The girls and I baked chocolate chip cookies the day before, so that was really the bread and butter of our garage sale.

They were so excited about the garage sale that they hurriedly ate breakfast, so they could set up shop. They divided up the responsibilities, so Soul and Brave handled the cookies (with food safe gloves), True did the money, and Glow she was in charge of marketing by yelling, “COOKIES!” as people passed. Well, I think she’s not a marketing girl because she called it quits pretty quickly and just sat on the ground while the sisters did the grunt work. Business was a little slow at first, but then it picked up, and the girls were so excited about their customers. We sold a couple books and most of the baskets, one suit, and most of the cookies. We talked about capital, Ben and I gave it to them as their first investors, and they had to take care of giving change and figuring it all out. None of us Bratcher girls are quite fond of math, but I think they saw how important of a skill it is when it comes to running a business. In the end, they came out with 17 and change, and they told me and Ben that we could keep it to get our computers fixed. *heart swell* Well, we ended up letting them keep it and divide it amongst themselves, and I think the girls have been bitten with the entrepreneurial bug. Next up, lemonade stand!

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