November 4, 2017

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Praise God for another year. So much to be thankful for. It all goes back to Jesus opening my eyes to see how needy I am. That’s grace! It’s not that I need religion, but it’s that I know my good isn’t enough. I need Jesus and his wounds have paid my ransom.

Thankful for the fall weather that has finally arrived after our insane heatwave.

I want the girls to make a crazy colorful piece like this.

This will be my next Korean recipe to try.

Someone get these vintage modernist earrings (it’s only $11)!

20% off SALE in WOVENFOLK etsy shop. Lasts all weekend long! Shop here.

Net bags that come in pretty colors! Should I dye or buy? Hmm…

A tiny broom and dustpan would be a cute and practical stocking stuffer. Have you all started Christmas shopping yet?

I’m thankful to the ladies I meet up with (and text with) often to read the Bible and help each other love Christ.

Happy first weekend of November!

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