o christmas tree

December 18, 2017

YAY! The Christmas tree is finally up! The girls were squealing in excitement as we were getting all the Christmas boxes out, and True was the leading the excitement brigade. We’ve been so busy with other things we simply haven’t had time. Another reason it’s taken us so long is that we really couldn’t access our Christmas stuff. My parents are remodeling, so we’ve been storing a lot of their stuff and it was blocking access. True was so gung-ho that she started moving all the bags of stuff by herself. After that, it was pretty easy to get all the stuff out. I put the tree together and they did all the decorating! With Christmas music on the record player, and happy little hearts busily getting our house all decorated, our house is on its way being decked out for this special season.

Holiday home tour coming up once everything is complete!

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