January 16, 2018

When hunting for vintage, my eye gravitates to denim and linen dresses. This one was a recent find that fit perfectly, and the cut of it was unlike my other denim dresses, so I brought it home. Usually, I go for loose and oversized, but I love the way this one fits. And… it has two pockets! I love a dress with pockets. The only problem is when moving around a lot, which is normal when you have 4 kids, the bottom 2 buttons come undone. Though it still leaves it at a reasonable length, so I’m okay with that.

Also, I love my white tee, which is a vintage tee from Rawson Chicago. Typically, my go-to for basic tees is Everlane, but this one from Rawson is so good. I love the cut and fabric so much. So if you’re looking for some good basic tees, add Rawson Chicago to your go-to list too. The shop is stocked with all sorts of colors too (see here)!

what i’m wearing: dress, vintage (vintage here, new there). white tee, rawson chicago. shoes, gray matters via the dreslyn. basket, wovenfolk.

2 comments on “DENIM DRESS LOVE”

  • Kayla S. says:

    button closure clothes always make me nervous for that “popping open” reason. if it gets nerve wracking that it’ll open above the 2 bottom buttons you could always sew in a little eye and hook closure below the 3rd to the bottom button for extra protection!

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