March 28, 2018

I’m certainly no fashion blogger, but I do love fashion and getting dressed every day. I enjoy expressing myself through clothes. My style isn’t super funky, but I just know what I like, and I’ll always prefer vintage to new. I wanted to share a few styles I’ve pinned lately that are inspiring me. Clearly, I like long dresses and jumpsuits.

Pinterest has so much inspiration and my fave things to pin are fashion, decor, & food. Follow along with all my pins here.

{top to bottom: co pre fall 2018 via vogue. caron callahan jumpsuit. pink jumpsuit via oroborostore. penny sage dress via lisa says gah. joanna dress via marah hoffman.}

17 comments on “FASHION PINS”

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    Hello! I think you’re smart to research it but I love Young Living for so many reasons. They own all their own farms and have impeccable quality standards. Keep reading about both and see what you come up with. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with YL.

  • lisa says:

    I sat down to WORK, good that I am not AT work… and got completely sidetracked when I saw your “favorite thing to wear”. Now I am not normally the kind of person that sees a trend or something on a best friend and runs straight to the store to BUY… and yet, I currently have the GAP window open as I type, because I have yet to see such cute Maxies! You look stunning in them… THANKS so much for posting!!!! Oh oh… and one more thing! When you were in Berlin and did your post about the sweet treats there — GREAT JOB!!!!!! We are still in Germany, but have moved from Berlin to right outside Stuttgart with a potential move to Munich on the horizon. But while we were in Berlin I fell in LOVE with the giant Belgium waffles lathered in ice cream/cream/and drizzle… in fact we celebrated my daughter’s birthday there! If you EVER get back… there is a Turkish bakery in Kreuzberg that is literally to DIE for if you want to spotlight “Baklava”! Mmmmmmm…Joker coat

  • omia says:

    I love getting fashion ideas from magazines, but you are absolutely right. They are way out of my price range. lol! So I often try to use what I already have if I can, or go thrifting!yoga shorts

  • shiza says:

    That’s all awesome for my birthday Party omg I love this thank you but I want more this for family and Friends And everything oh and invitation all for people when they come in too as well yes for my party too good So ! But for my cake we Need this all ice cream cakes for me to a best.Matterhorn

  • lisa says:

    Love that first outfit! I always hesitate to experiment with color pairings in unique ways, but I love how you pulled off that green vest and navy gingham combo! Adorable!fashion

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  • carry says:

    Total myth. I love horizontal stripes! Several of my favorite shirts and dresses are striped, and I’m not a skinny by any means. I feel good when I look good, and honey, I look Great in stripes!handmade jewelry

  • jack says:

    You look great in all of these outfits. I really like the last one. The sneaks look great with the floral skirt/dress and sweater and denim shirt-cute!women’s dresses

  • lisa says:

    Total myth. I love horizontal stripes! Several of my favorite shirts and dresses are striped, and I’m not a skinny by any means. I feel good when I look good, and honey, I look Great in stripes!birds of love

  • lisa says:

    I really admire your efforts. These are really beautiful. I have totally agreed with you. Thanks for providing such information.tweezerman

  • Mike Rooney says:

    Great reminder to shop in my own closet and get a new perspective. Love this post! Otis Jacket Sex Education

  • tuky says:

    Hi,I did share on my Fun and Funky Clothing board on Pinterest but wanted to share to FB. Will try back later in case the share is just having issues!sustainability

  • lisa says:

    Gorgeous dresses! I love the way you can dress them up or down. I wore a few in Hawaii and I loved the lazy feel but the lovely look. Self Care

  • lisa says:

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  • lisa says:

    Fantastic! And you are looking great in them. I think I will need to share this with my wife too. She has been having issues with styling out herself using just the clothes in her closet. She will surely love login

  • lisa says:

    I recall Skeen’s Leap, by C. J. Cherryh, had eddersill, a fabric that was conveniently frictionless a/or hydrophobic. It repelled dirt and grime to the extent that you could clean it completely with a quick shake.swimwear

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