January 20, 2020

When compared to the size of our house, you’d think we’d have a walk in pantry, somehow though, the builders thought it was necessary to make the master closet the size of a small room (we could easily fit 2 twin beds inside), but no walk in pantry. All they gave us is one the size of a small coat closet, which is fine, but not proportionate to the rest of the house. So we’ve had to be strategic in how we plan out our pantry space, which gets unorganized easily because of busy family life.

Now, The Container Store project of the month comes in handy to utlilize #smallspaces, so enter the Elfa Utility Pantry Door & Wall Rack. This gave us us even more space to use in our pantry, and when it comes to storage space, the back of the door is one of the most under-utilized areas of the home. It transformed our small pantry closet into a fully functional space.

It’s simple to put the rack together… you place the top door hook, attach the metal bar, fit in the bottom door hooks, and then tighten the bar on until it’s secure. Then, you simply hook on your baskets to the metal bar. You don’t need nails or any fancy, and everything goes on and off easy (I think it took 5 minutes to attach the rack to the door!), so if we ever moved, we are for sure taking the rack with us.

Once assembled, I decided to put all our crackers on the top basket, and some of the honeys and baking syrups in the second basket. These are used often, as the kids are baking often, so I think it’ll come in handy to have stored here. The rest of the baskets are filled with some snack drinks and things to go. Typically, we use reusable canisters for our water, and don’t buy water bottles, but somehow end up with some small bottles here and there from events and parties that end up coming home with us, but then we forget about it because they get lost in our pantry. Now, we have a spot for them, and it’s easy to see and grab for when we’re on the go. Once, all the water bottles are gone, we’ll fill the spot with something else.

We can’t get more shelves in our pantry closet, but the Elfa Door & Wall racks are so useful in that it adds more storage to a small space. Suddenly, our pantry is a little more organized and spacious! And the Elfa Door and Wall Racks are currently on sale 30% off, so now is the time to order!

This post is in partnership with The Container Store as one of their Brand Ambassadors. The opinions and text are all mine. I appreciate the time you spend in this space, the support you give me, and the brands I partner with.

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