August 9, 2021

Summer’s end is just around the corner. Lots of things that I thought would happen didn’t, but that’s okay. It’s been a summer filled with transitions and lots of intentional time with my girls.

Spring and summer are my favorite seasons to dress for. Being a California girl, layering is just isn’t something I’m good at. I’m bad at layering pillows on a couch too. Anyway, we were able to get away for a bit last week and in the heat of the desert, it’s a bathing suit and button down all day every day. Also, in the summer, I go minimal on the jewelry, which means instead of ring stacks and a neck mess, I’m pretty much only wearing a neck mess. I still love piling on my necklaces, but my fingers don’t do so well in the heat, so leaving out the rings means less swelling.

I love many of these necklace pieces and all would make great for stacking to create your own neck mess. I love this minimal, but bold collar necklace, this candy looking necklace, or even this charm necklace (I love all of Grainne Morton’s work). I don’t have anything quite as bold as some of these pieces, but I think I’ll request my girls make me one. They’re all about jewelry making this summer, and I think we can get more crafting in before the summer ends.

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