give them wings

Days have been a bit more gloomy (though I know the heat will be back), so we have been spending mornings watching movies like Little Women (the girls are now asking for a fourth sister so they can be the little women) and The Little Princess in bed. After which, ensues a bit of crafting. The girls will do anything to get some crafting time! Since we are on a little butterfly kick from our recent outing to the Pavilion of Wings, I knew the exact thing that my girls were going to enjoy making.
They each picked out their own fabrics. Naturally, True picked something pink (she always picks pink) and Brave picked out something red. True has always loved pink and normally Brave picks out whatever big sister wants, but a little of her own personality is finally coming through, because as of late, she has declared red to be her favorite color.
making wings
I made a pattern, cut out the pieces, and sewed them together, as well as attached the elastic so that it could be worn, but I did this after they painted. I turned it inside out and the girls did the rest. They stuffed. They painted. They flew.
making wings
making wingsmaking wingsmaking wings
We used the same fabric paint that we used to make the elephants for Brave’s birthday and we let the wings dry while the girls went to nap. Right when they woke up, everything was ready to go!
butterflies playingbutterflies playingbutterflies playingbutterflies in the grass
The wings have been attached to them ever since. Now, they are constantly fluttering about the house.
The wings remind me of a song my mom would sing to us when I was little. It was called Roots and Wings. A line in the song went like this… “You gave me roots to grow in love, you gave me wings to reach the sky, you set me free to be who I am, just by being who you are.” I hope I can instill this sentiment in my girls. I want them to grow in knowledge of who they are in Christ and be able to see the possibilities in Christ as well. I am not gonna lie, sometimes I think, “Gosh… I take my children for granted and am not loving them the way God wants me to.” It is so easy to fill the days with busyness that I forget to enjoy my children. I need to stop and remember that these days when they are little (because they really will be big and flying off before you know it) are for teaching them roots and wings.
p.s. last day for all my giveaways.


34 Responses to “give them wings”

  1. Kristin says:

    So cute! I made some wings for a little girl I know a while ago, I should have used elastic to put them on, that makes so much sense. :)
    You girls are too cute!

  2. Anastasia says:

    Such a great idea! Such an inspiring post!

  3. Jara says:

    I'm going to assume you might be selling these in your shop soon:) TOOOO CUTE!!! LOVE THEM!

  4. Sara says:

    I don't know if you have seen my blog recently. I've posted a lot about our friends daughter, Bella, who was born with a rare skin disorder, EB. The slightest touch causes her skin to blister and tear, therefore EB kids are known as butterfly children.
    Bellas 4 year old sister, Ali, was a perfect match, and Bella is now in the process of a bone marrow transplant. They have been at the Ronald McDonald house in MN since June…and since things are not going as planned, will be there probably till Christmas.
    I know you are busy, but, I know these girls would love those wings…..would you be willing to donate 2 pair or sell them?
    If not, no worries….you can read about bella on their blog:

    Your girls are fantastic….

  5. Those are precious!! How lucky those girls are to have such a capable mom to make their wildest dreams come true!! :)
    Wonderful pictures…these will make for such great memories!! :)

  6. Chaucee says:

    This is so adorable! Where do you come up with these ideas?

  7. Costume Diva says:

    Aw, these are awesome! They remind me of a story my mom told me as a little girl, about how the butterfly got its colors. She told me that all the butterflies used to be white until one day a butterfly went to rest on a little girl's canvas, and she painted it all the beautiful colors in the world. Then the other butterflies wanted to be beautiful too, so they found all the little girls painting and were painted beautiful colors, too!

  8. wings on your kiddies is such a creative and uplifting idea! love this awesome post :)

  9. merideth says:

    so fun and so cute. i think even my big girls would like these. hmmm i wonder if i could make them.
    i love that you had them paint them. really so cute.

  10. Jenny says:

    Those wings are adorable!!! i can tell they just love them!

  11. Citlalli says:

    Those wings are so cute!! you`re so CrEaTiVe!!! the most important it`s that True and Brave have a lot of fun!!!

  12. jozen says:

    love this post.

    thanks for the reminder.

  13. These are adorable! Your girls are so very blessed to have a mom like you.

  14. RachelDenbow says:

    Oh my goodness, Ruby! It always gets better one project at a time over here. LOVE that your creative projects for the girls are really clever and beautiful to boot!

  15. Thalita Dol says:

    Oh, that's cute!

    Althought I deeply wish for Lilla to reach that age when we will craft together, I cherish these baby days too, when she is so tiny and cutelly babyish…

    many hugs from Brazil!

  16. I made a very easy butterfly craft a while ago, that I took from Martha Stewart.
    Even if my blog is in french you can easily figure how to do it by looking at the picture. Hope it give you other butterfly ideas.

    Really nice wings !

  17. Allison says:

    What a great project! Love it :)

  18. Tanya M says:

    The wings are gorgeous, perfect for getting the kids to run around. I actually heard Katie Couric say that you need to give your kids roots and wings on Jay Leno LAST NIGHT! Does she read your blog?! It was a pretty big coincidence for me, since I have never heard that saying before. And now twice in 2 days–I think it means something. :)

  19. Rileigh says:

    This is without a doubt my favorite thing you have done. Also nothing beats watching little women when it is cold outside. You are constantly full of joyful inspiration!

  20. Rachele says:

    CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! Seriously, you are great momma.

  21. airbud says:

    You are so inspiring! I am only 20, and pretty far away from thinking about having kids, but I consistently bookmark and save your ideas for the future. So much creativity while being so frugal is truly remarkable.

  22. you are such a creative and crafty mama~!! you really know how to show your girls a great time! i LOVE this idea and will be stashing it away for whenever i have kids hehe!! you are soo inspirational!!

  23. laura says:

    this makes me want to go and have baby girls right now! just perfect. x

  24. olivia says:

    i love your post :) . i also heard the song 'roots and wings' from a classmate but she won't give me the lyrics. can you send me the lyrics of the song and the artist? Thanks and God bless.

  25. olivia says:

    i love your post :) . i also heard the song 'roots and wings' from a classmate but she won't give me the lyrics. can you send me the lyrics of the song and the artist? Thanks and God bless.

  26. Siayla says:

    Popping in via Crafty Crow :)

    I LOVE these, especially the fact that your kids got to paint their wings on one side! Fantastic!!!

  27. These are adorable! I'm definitely making a pair for my little girl.

  28. dia says:

    looooooooooove it!

  29. Holly says:

    I know this post is from a while ago, I found it on Pinterest :) How are the wings attached?


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