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mamc I’m definitely a fan of Me & Mr. Cassidy. Nope. Not a blog, but the singing duo. I was a fan of Hope’s music long before we became friends, so I was a little star struck to meet her. I totally love their music! As evidence by using their songs here, here, and here. We like to mark special occasions and road trips with music so for our 6th anniversary, we listened to their first album all weekend long. Now, whenever we hear it, we’re transported to that time of celebrating for us. I’m very excited they have another album coming again soon because maybe we could use that for our 8th anniversary (or next road trip).

Their songs are folky, tell a great story, and are so much fun to sing and harmonize to. If you’re all about those things, you might just fall in love with them too. Oh and I’m no photographer, but just a gal who likes to tell pictures, so I was honored when they asked me to take some photographs of them which was used for their most recent EP release. I never thought I’d see one of my photographs on iTunes, so I think it’s pretty cool and used for such a great song (and duo) too!

Also, check out their first official music video… love this song!

check out their first album here
get their song on itunes here
me and mr. cassidy facebook page
me and mr. cassidy website



6 Responses to “me & mr. cassidy”

  1. Tesia T says:

    Gaaaah! I’m obsessed! Definitely buying their album! it’s the perfect music for anything! Thanks for sharing. I love their style!


  2. fun music for sure!!!! and the photo is fantastic. great job :)

  3. Hope Leigh says:

    Thank you SO MUCH RUBY for the photo & this post. MAMC L O V E S CAKIES!

  4. iralee says:

    i’d be giddy if i woke up next to a hunk like that too!!! lol good think im in luck- my man is a sexy beast!!

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