cardboard stick horse


Cardboard Stick Horse

2 – 13″ x 13″cardboard
Non-stick scissors
Duct tape
30″ x 3/4″ dowel
Hole puncher
4″ strand of yarn
Jingle bell, optional

1. Draw your horse head and cut out the two horse head pieces. Paint the nose, eyes, and ears on one side of each head. Allow paint to dry completely.

2. Cut out 10″ – 12″ strips of duct tape, fold over, leaving about 3″ of tape expose to attach the inside of each horse head. Continue until the amount of hair desired is attached onto the inside of both horse heads. Add additional duct tape on the inside to secure. Then, cut 1/4″ slits lengthwise on each duct tape piece to get the hair effect.

3. Tape the top 5″ of the dowel to the bottom center of the inner horse head cardboard piece. Place one strip of 6″ tape attaching the dowel to one head piece, and then attach another piece of duct tape attaching the dowel to the opposite horse head. Press the tape firmly in place.

Punch holes on the bottom front and back of the horse head. Attach the yarn through the front holes of the head, and knot together tightly to secure. Bring the yarn to the holes in the back of the horse head and knot again as taut as possible. Knot the ends of the hanging strand of yarn together, and add a bell.

We’ve had a couple days of play with it, and the head has stayed securely on, though it may need a new piece of tape eventually. We’ve had lots of indoor play lately with all the rain we’ve been getting, so this little horsey has come in handy. Plus, it’s great to be able to recycle and make something together.

Glow is such a little ham and you can see a little bit of that silliness in her winking picture. She kept saying, “Mommy! Get me winking! Get me winking!” So we got it, and she giddy-up-ed away.





all my babies in a digital floral collage

I made this digital collage as part of the grandparents’ Christmas gifts (they always love receiving framed pictures of their grandchildren). I made my first digital collage here, and then made one for my sister’s birthday card (see here). I think it would be fun to do a playful Star Wars inspired one for one of the girls’ rooms.

If you have some Photoshop know-how, all you need to do is erase backgrounds and layer to put something like this together.



surprise balls

My sister-in-law turned 40 about a month ago, and since we couldn’t be there to celebrate (she lives in Texas), we sent a special present over to her. I contacted her friends and other family members, and everyone wrote a few reasons why they loved Suzi so much. I gathered all the handwritten notes that totaled 40, it was her fortieth birthday after all, and then the girls and I wrapped each one into the surprise ball. We all facetimed together as she opened her gift and she was so surprised, especially since I was able to gather some notes from her friends, whom I have never met before, but that’s one of the blessings of technology (thank you facebook!).

Surprise balls are such fun gifts to make and give. I’ve made Easter egg ones in the past for the girls, a Valentine’s Day one for Ben with love notes and trinkets, and an orange one for Ben’s birthday a couple years ago. Actually, he still hasn’t unraveled that one because he doesn’t want to ruin it, so we said we will unravel it later (Lord willing) when the girls are older. I think it will be sweet to see what their kid writing looked like and read the messages they wrote for Ben as little girls. I’ve always wanted to make a bunch as a party favor (though I’m not into throwing parties) or maybe we will do it again for the girls, but Star Wars themed. Oh, they would so flip over that!

If you ever want a thoughtful, little gift that has a big impact, bookmark this idea for later. I guarantee the gift recipient will have a blast unraveling the gift to see all the messages/treats.


make it: macrame runner

When I see something I like, I think to myself, “Do I buy it, make it, or can I thrift it?” I had been eyeing this macrame runner from Anthropologie for awhile now, but didn’t know if I really wanted to spend that many pennies on it. Plus, it’s kind of long (not really the size I needed), so didn’t know if it was worth the investment. Eventually, I decided to make it. I picked up a couple rolls of 3mm cotton macrame cording from Michaels (if you’re patient, buy them one at a time with your 50% off coupon, which helps cut the cost of your runner). It’s also available here with some other color/texture options. I cut 20 strands at about 18 feet long (I think), hung my dowel off of a clothing rack, and I lark’s head knotted each strand onto the dowel. From there, I proceeded to make my runner using simple square and coil knots.

I went with a design that was simple and fast and it took a full afternoon to complete it. I like the bit of texture it gives to our coffee table, and especially like that I got to save some pennies making my own. It would be fun to make another with more intricate knots and then dye the whole thing in indigo, and maybe even add some big tassels on each end.

If you are the “I’d rather buy it” type, then check out this runner by Knotty Natured or just order this Anthropologie one!


kid-made activity book

The girls have been working on this activity book for about a month; they wanted their own activity book to take on our road trip to Texas. True was the creative director and had each girl contribute pages for it. You can tell which are made by Soul and Glow because they spell think phonetically. They are a lot of pages (about 30!), so I didn’t photograph it all, but I think it’s obvious the love and creativity they put into this little book. They drew each page, made copies on our printer, then True sewed the books together. These books will fun to look back on one day and laugh at all the cute little things they created.


kid jokes // 8

This is one of my favorite jokes True has come up with. I let out a big, hearty laugh when she told me.

Get the print out here for other little joke lovers. See more kid jokes here.


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