linen pillowcases

I’ve been wanting linen bed sheets and pillowcases. I came close to purchasing some this past fall, but I couldn’t get myself to spend the money (maybe one day I’ll bite the bullet and get them). They cost quite a few pennies, but I wasn’t sure if they really are worth it.

I’ve had this extra-large, vintage, French linen bed sheet for several years, but it had a giant hole in the middle. I used it as a table cloth, but other than that, it’s mainly been stored away. As I was organizing, in preparation for the wood floors coming in, I found the sheet. Then, it dawned on me that I could make some pillowcases out of it, so yesterday afternoon was spent doing just that.

From the fabric, I was able to make 2 king size pillowcases and 2 standard size ones. Thus, our bed is now outfitted with some pillows encased in linen. I’ll see how we like these and maybe one day, if we really love these, I will bit the bullet at order some linen sheets. For now, these homemade pillowcases from vintage linen is a great start.


july fourth star crown

July Fourth Star Crown
get in the holiday spirit with this 5 minute project

Star decorative wire garland
Curling ribbon

1. To measure, wrap around the head of the child to a size that would be comfortable. Wrap garland around a few times and cut. Twist wire ends around the wires on the crown to secure in place. 2. Cut about 3 strands of curling ribbon in desired length. Gather the strands together and Lark’s head knot the center around the crown. Pull tight to secure in place.With the non-cutting edge of your scissors, gently slide along the length of the ribbon to curl.

When I was a kid, I remember being at a carnival (or maybe it was Disneyland) and they had these types of crowns for sale. I begged my parents to buy me one. I chose a purple one and I remember feeling like a princess. With the decorative wire garland that’s easy to pick up at any party/craft store, you can make your own. We made ours in red, white, and blue in preparation for the coming holiday, but if you’re seeing this after the fourth, these would be just as lovely in other colors too.

Soul and Glow each have their own crown ready for Monday (they plan to wear it on Sunday too). I have to finish sewing their Independence Day skirts and then we will be all ready to get decked out in red, white, and blue. We have no plans on Monday, but to watch movies and relax in bed, but we will definitely still be in the holiday spirit.

on soul: dress, gap kids (similar here). clogs, c/o hanna andersson


weaving and macrame love

by maryann moodie

by cold picnic

by emily katz

It took me awhile to try loom weaving (I wanted to make sure I really liked the looks of it and not because it was trendy), but once I did, I fell in love. I started doing macrame a few months ago, and fell in love with that too. Yep, they are both big trends in the craft world right now, but I love the texture in them and the different patterns that could be created. Plus, the process of both is so relaxing. It’s kind of like painting with yarn or cotton cording (I’ve used this one).

I want to make a large wall hanging for our home. I’m thinking something about 4′ by 3′ (or larger) and I’ll make a loom from a large canvas. I’ve made small looms from canvases I have picked up from Michaels, so I think I’ll try to see if one of their large ones will work as a frame. I’d love something large for our entry way or the big girls’ room. Once all this house renovation stuff is done, I can’t wait to move forward and get started on some creative projects.

What craft trends are you into right now?

This post is part of the Michaels Makers series. From tie-dyeing to lettering to tassels, pom poms and even unicorns, Michaels has everything you need for the latest and hottest DIY trends!

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fourth of july crafts with family fun magazine

I did some craft styling a couple months ago for this month’s issue of Family Fun Magazine. If you still need some craft and decoration ideas for July 4th, I suggest picking up a copy of the magazine. A lot of the ideas are pretty simple with things you already have lying around the house. Use some Christmas tinsel to make supersize stars (I get my tinsel from Christmas Central), make a giant flag from fabric scraps, throw a lip sync contest with these glitter microphones, and pass out these playful trophies. If those aren’t enough to keep you busy, bust out some macaroni and have the kids make some Yankee Doodle necklaces.

The girls and I made a fun July 4th crown, but my studio is upside down and I can’t find them to get a proper picture. I’m hoping to share them with you on Friday (after I go digging through all my misplaced things due to our renovation). It’s been so chaotic here with our house stuff that my plans for July 4th involve a whole lot of chilling in bed and watching movies. We will get to celebrate the holiday the day before with my family for our annual seafood feast. My tummy is eagerly anticipating that celebration.

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grey linen dress

I love this dress and I finally got around to making my own version of it with some grey linen fabric. It has a V-neck in the front and then a deeper V in the back. I’m thinking about making the sleeves shorter, but I’m not sure. I also want to take some length off my hair, but I’m not sure about that either. One thing I am sure of is that I love sewing my own clothes. :)   Also, if I get tired of this style, I can make the dress into a top and use the rest of the fabric to sew something for the girls. I’m all about re-purposing things I’ve sewn in the past and turning them into something else.

on me: dress, home sewn (similar here, just sew shorter sleeves). round basket, french baskets (tassel DIY here). shoes, gap (similar here).


gilded bead necklace

Gilded Bead Necklace

Various beads (similar here and here)
Leather cording
Gilding adhesive
Gilding sheets
Bristle brush

1. Paint adhesive on various spots on each bead and allow each one to dry until surface is tacky.
2. Rub gilded sheet gently onto adhesive and allow to dry completely.
3. With bristle brush, brush over to remove excess gilding.
4. Cut 36″ long piece of leather cording and string beads onto the leather cording.
5. Create a sliding knot with the ends.

I still had some gilding sheets and adhesive from this project and I put it to good use with this craft. While doing online window shopping, I came across some beaded necklaces with bits of gold on it and thought that would be simple to make, and it was indeed. If you don’t want to make a new necklace, take an old beaded one (or pick one up at the thrift store) and spruce it up with a little gilding.

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