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playing florist playing florist playing florist playing florist I got to play florist this past weekend for my good friend’s wedding. I took care of all the flowers for the wedding party and the ceremony. I went out to the L.A. Flower Mart on Thursday to buy flowers, and then made them at home on Friday. The bride had no specific requests, and trusted my judgement, so I love when I get the freedom to play.

I made 75 feet of garland for the ceremony, 5 bouquets, boutonnières, and pin-on corsages). I made the bride’s bouquet a little different from the bridesmaids by adding some white baby roses and scabiosa pods. I went to the hotel to drop them off, and I left my basket full of all the bouquets right outside the guys’ hotel room while I gave them their boutonnières. Unfortunately, when I came back out, the bride’s bouquet was gone. We looked everywhere and questioned everyone we saw, but nope, it never turned up. Someone must have swiped it during the 5 minutes I was in their room (shared about it here). Thankfully, I had some extra flowers, so I took one of the bridesmaid’s bouquets and used that to recreate the bride’s bouquet, and was able to make another bridesmaid bouquet too. Whew!

My first job was at a flower shop, and I worked there for a few years. I even took floral arranging classes and I used to do weddings on the side. Once upon a time, my dream was to own my own flower shop. Ben and I briefly discussed revisiting that dream because I would love to have a business in our community, but the flower shop route isn’t exactly where my heart is at. Nevertheless, I’m thankful to be able to do it here and there like I did this past weekend. And even though it rained all day, and nothing went according to plan, I was so encouraged by how the gorgeous bride and groom focused on God and each other, and didn’t sweat the small things.





off shoulder dress off the shoulder dress off the shoulder dress off the shoulder dress I love the off-the-shoulder style, it feels sort of romantic to me, so I brought the dress I made for the little trip we took on our anniversary weekend. I share a little sketch of how I made the dress here. It was also the perfect dress for hanging out in the dessert heat (oh man it’s hot out there!).

Jord sent me one of their wood watches to try out. While I’ve never been into the chunky watches, I think the wood is a bit unexpected, so I like that. I wouldn’t normally wear a men’s style watch, but I totally dig this one. I like pairing it with a vintage cuff, and I want to make some bracelets to go pair with it too.

dress, made by me (new here, vintage here). sandals, gap (similar here). watch, c/o jord. cuff, vintage.



recently made things

ruffled off the shoulder dress fringe rug bag My mother-in-law got me an off-the-shoulder top for Mother’s Day, and I wore it on our most recent road trip. It was perfect for galavanting under the Texas and New Mexico heat, so it got me wondering about making a dress version of it. I remembered this image I pinned several months ago, then I saw this post recently, and it sealed the deal, I was going to make one. I debated between white, chocolate brown, ivory, and red linen fabric, and as you see above, I went with the chocolate brown. The girls call this my Jedi princess outfit. When I was working on it, they thought I was making myself a Jedi costume to match them (see here), so maybe I should have gone with red instead. HA!

Here’s a rough sketch of the pattern I used to make the dress. Basically, I measured my width across, and added about 3-5 inches to that, and then measure around my shoulders and doubled the length of that for the ruffle. The dress is a basic shift and the off-the-shoulder section is a really long rectangle. I created a casing at the top and inserted elastic through it. When it comes to dress sewing, I just go for it and find it relaxing to not have to create a step by step of it.

During last week’s IKEA trip, I picked up another rug to make another fringe rug bag (this one is mine, the other is for someone else). If you’re itching to make something, but don’t have a lot of time, this bag is perfect. Just make sure to pick up a rug the next time you’re at IKEA.



diy: fringe rug bag

fringe rug bag Fringe Rug Bag

Signe IKEA Rug (or any cute rug fringe ends)
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine

Seam allowance: 1/2″

fringe rug bag Directions:
1. Fold the rug in half width-wise, and cut off about 2 1/2″ strips off both ends. Set them aside for your bag straps. (Don’t forget to take off the store tag.)

fringe rug bag 2. Sew along the entire length of both sides of the rug (the main bag piece). If you have a serger, I’d recommend using that to finish of your seams (I have one, but need to get some new needles). If you don’t have a serger, after you sew your straight stitch down, go back and use a zig-zag stitch along the edge of the fabric to finish off the raw ends. Make sure to set it to a wide zig zag stitch, and keep the length small (I use 6 and 1.5). This will prevent the frayed ends from unraveling. Since we cut rug to make straps, the weave can come undone easily, so it is necessary to finish off the raw edge either on a serger or a sewing machine with a zig zag stitch (and use an overlocker if you have one).

fringe rug bag 3. Box the corners by pinching each corner with the right sides together, and aligning the sides seams with the bottom seam. With a fabric pencil and ruler mark a line perpendicular to the side seam that is about 1 1/2″ from the corner and 3″ long. Pin and sew along that line. Repeat for the opposite corner.

fringe rug bag 4. For the each strap strip, use a serger or zig zag stitch on your sewing machine, to finish off the edges on both sides of the strap to finish off the raw ends (use the wide stitch, but keep the length small). Also, finish off the short edges of the straps too. Again, this will prevent it from fraying and rug weave unraveling. Repeat for the second strap strip.

Decide the placement for the handles. I placed mine about 5″ in from each side and 1″ down from the top. Pin in place and machine stitch the handles to the bag using 2 horizontal stitches (one 1/4″ away from the strap end, and another 1/2″ from the strap end). Make sure to backstitch to secure.

fringe rug bag fringe rug bag fringe rug bag fringe rag rug This is quite similar to the Rag Rug Bag, but with a different type of rug, it looks different! I didn’t even need to buy any extra material for the straps, since I took it from the rug. The rug from IKEA is only $3.99, so it’s not a bad price for a cute bag to tote around this summer! The fringe is my favorite part. I’m kind of wishing I got the navy one instead, so maybe I will give this one to my sister and make myself the navy one. Now who’s going to run off to IKEA to pick up a rug?! Maybe I’ll see you there!



pattern play

pattern play pattern play pattern play pattern play pattern play pattern play pattern play pattern play pattern play pattern play We took some basics from Old Navy, these sneakers and this swing dress, and added simple patterns to them. We just used black fabric paint and the girls were quite giddy about painting on some of the clothes! Everyday, they are always asking for projects to work on. So far summer has been all about lots of play and projects and no one has contested that. We have yet to turn to our iPad, though I’m sure there will be plenty of that too. True wanted to draw eyes on her shoes, just like my eye-dress, and then Soul and True wanted to make cacti on Soul’s dress. Brave wanted red sneakers to make her own Spider-Man shoes, but they were out of stock when I ordered the white ones. They are back in stock now, so maybe I will surprise her with them later.

Brave picked the dress with the palm print because she said it looked “vacation-y,” and when True got her maxi dress, she said, “Oh I like this, it looks like a mom dress.” HA! The big girls are getting ready to go to Texas to be with Ben’s mom for part of the summer, so vacation-y and mom dresses it is! They need light and airy for the Texas heat they are about to face.

Our days here have been pretty hot lately, but we don’t have any humidity to contend with. Our way of beating the heat is to indulge in ice cream. Let’s be honest though, I’ll eat ice cream rain or shine. Anyone else with me on that?!

on true: striped maxi dress and sneakers, c/o old navy. on brave: palm print dress and sandals, c/o old navy. on soul: swing dress and sneakers, c/o old navy. on glow: romper and flower jellies, c/o old navy.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. I really appreciate the time you take here to support this space and the brands I partner with! 




diy: the hello kitty bow

the hello kitty bow The Hello Kitty Bow

15″ x 6″ piece of red fabric
Hand-sewing needle
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine
Thin headband

Seam allowance: 1/4″

1. Cut out two rectangular shaped pieces of fabric (about 6 1/4″ x 3 3/4″ each) with rounded corners. With the right sides together, sew around the edges, leaving a 2″ opening for turning. Clip the curves and turn right side out.

the hello kitty bow 2. Stuff with poly-fil to the desired thickness and slip stitch the opening closed.

the hello kitty bow 3. Cut out a thin 5″ strip of red fabric, tightly wrap it around the center of the bow, then knot. Snip any excess fabric. Cut out two circles from the red fabric (about 2 1/4″ diameter). With the two right sides of the circles together, sew around the edges, leaving a small opening for turning. Clip the curves and turn right side out. Stuff with poly-fil to desired thickness, then slip stitch the opening closed.

the hello kitty bow 4. Hand sew the round piece onto the center of the bow. Insert a thin headband into where the fabric strip is wrapped in center, and place the bow off center towards the right.

the hello kitty bow the hello kitty bow We are heading to the Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival at The Forum this week. The girls are thrilled to get decked out in their Hello Kitty bows and their Misha Lulu Hello Kitty dresses. If this was around when I was a kid, my parents would have been in big trouble because I loved Sanrio! I made them spend way too much money there. I remember those stamp cards you would get for every dollar spent, and I had like 10 cards full! It’s pretty insane. We cashed out for some big prizes, and one of my favorites was a giant Sanrio tin pail with all the characters. In fact, I still have that giant pail today and my girls use it to house all their dress up clothes.

I know the girls will flip out over the live Hello Kitty stage shows, interactive exhibits, animation, fashion spots, and craft stations. I remember seeing pictures from last year’s event and how whimsical it all looked. I am thankful that this year we have an opportunity to experience that whimsy ourselves!

This post is in partnership with Sanrio. Tickets to the festival may be purchased here. I’m thankful for this opportunity (my girls are especially excited!), and also for the time you take to support me and this space.




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