glow’s birthday dress

Glow's 3rd birthday Glow's 3rd birthday Glow's 3rd birthday I quickly sewed this up last Friday afternoon for her birthday dress (the next day). I originally wanted the girls to draw animals and then hand embroider their drawings, but there just wasn’t time. I did an elastic collar and waist, it was originally supposed to have longer sleeves, but I got scissor happy and cut them off one side, so I had to do it to the other, but then one side happened to be shorter than the other, so oh well. It ended up cute anyway. The girls said the top looked like lemur tails, so I guess it was perfect for her birthday outing to the zoo.



inspired by the koushi lamp

homeschool I shared in this post how how I liked this light fixture and asked if anyone knew the designer. Someone kindly shared it was called the Koushi Pendant, so I set off in search of it. Evidently, it was made by Mark Eden Schooley, but I couldn’t find where it could be purchased, but that specific one I liked was by Nelson Sepulveda for Aye Illuminate. Apparently, both artists are friends, one uses wire and the other bamboo. I contacted Aye Illuminate for the cost of the light, and they directed me to two shops in Santa Monica. I called them for availability and cost, and they said they would get back to me, but they never got back to me. I tried one more time, and still never heard back, so what did I set off to do?! Make my own.

I liked both the wire and bamboo one, but wasn’t sure how to get bamboo all bendy, nor had the patience since I was itching to put something in this space quickly. I took trips to the hardware and craft store to come see what materials I could find to make one of them work. I ended up making mine with flat, copper wire strips and it took some tweaking to get it rounded. For the cover, I had some cheesecloth in my fabric stash, and I used that to cover the frame. I used the light I had from the previous hanging light. Mine isn’t as nice as the designers, but what I really love about the light is how airy and ethereal it looks, so I think I got pretty close.

In my research about the lamp, I came across Bodie and Fou and the lamp they made inspired by the Koushi Lamp. The outcome of their creation is just as gorgeous as the original. Here’s another pin of that dreamy bamboo lamp. While, I would have loved to have the real deal, this made by me one works well too. I love seeing it hanging in our homeschooling space (more to share about our space soon)!



diy: chalk finish recycled bottle

chalk finish recycled bottle Chalk Finish Recycled Bottle

Glass/plastic bottle (I used our Simply Grapfruit bottle)
Chalk paint
Dried flowers, optional (for decorating)

chalk finish recycled bottle chalk finish recycled bottle Directions:
Make sure to clean your container completely and remove any stickers. Add a coat of paint and allow to dry completely before adding a second coat of paint. On my container, I did 3 coats of paint, and made sure to allow each coat ample time to dry before adding another. When done, decorate with pretty fresh (or dried) flowers!

chalk finish recycled bottle chalk finish recycled bottle chalk finish recycled bottle chalk finish recycled bottle A few years ago, I saw some painted recycled plastic bottles sold as vases in some online shop. It appeared to be painted with this chalky looking paint, and I always wondered what paint was used to make them. I saw these paints at Michael’s a few weeks ago and thought it might be it. Now, I never bought those vases I saw, so I can’t say for sure if it’s exactly the same, but it looks reminiscent to it, so it works for me. These chalky paints are kind of fun and I want to try painting some candlesticks with it. I really like the matte finish and the pastel colors they come in.

chalk finish recycled bottle This project is part of the Michael’s Makers Series.



misha lulu art show and my floral wreaths

floral felt crown floral felt crown floral felt crown floral felt crown I disappeared for a bit, but the end of last week was just so busy with homeschooling. My best friend texted me and said, “You haven’t blogged. Are you alive?!” I am indeed, but it’s been hustle bustle over trying to get our new routine down (and curriculum) for this new school year. On top of that, I have been preparing to be part of the Misha Lulu Art Show happening this coming Saturday at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in Eagle Rock.

The show will be featuring Misha Lulu and all her wonderful works of art (her paintings are amazing!). The additional collaborators are Gracie Miller, Miko Design, who is coming all the way from the Netherlands, and me. I’m so excited to be sharing some of my felt floral wreaths for the show! I love using them to decorate a spot on the wall, and my girls like to steal them as crowns for their heads. There will be 10 there (and one dollhouse pillow) available for purchase, and they will eventually be up for purchase on Leanna Lin’s Wonderland online shop as well (if they don’t all sell that evening).

I know everyone has been working hard on it and I can’t wait to see it all come together. Unfortunately, I won’t be there since it’s Glow’s birthday, but I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out.  I’m sure it will be such a fun evening, so if you’re free this Saturday, I hope you can make it (and please snap lots of pictures for me)! #mishaluluartshow

misha lulu art show




loving: beci orpin’s home

fridge magnets fridge magnets fridge magnets fridge magnets fridge magnets fridge magnets I bought Beci Orpin’s book Home from Amazon when it came out several months back. I was just drawn to the cover, so I bought it. I love the color scheme of the book, it’s totally the color scheme I gravitate to, and the projects are just so fun and quirky. Really such an inspiring book! And though we have had it for awhile now, it’s just this past weekend that I handed it to the girls and said, “Pick a project.” They picked the fridge magnets and I love how their’s turned out. From order from the top to bottom: True’s, Brave’s, Glow’s (really done by True and Brave), and Soul’s.

fridge magnets And there’s our fridge decked out in my daughters’ artwork… just the way I like it!




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