diy: some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatters

game Some Cans, Ping Pong Balls, and Fly Swatters

Cans (or even a box)
Ping pong balls
Fly swatters
Duct tape
Non-stick scissors

some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter Directions:
Decorate the cans.

To play the game:
Set out the cans on it’s side, give the each player a fly swatter, and the objective is to get the ping pong balls in the can. Another variation, is to gather a few more cans, sit them upright and have children walk and maneuver the balls around the cans.

some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter some cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatter My girls wanted to draw arrows on the ground so they knew where to aim, and they took turns pairing up trying to get the ping pong balls in the cans. It’s a good activity for developing their hand and eye coordination. I love how something as simple as tin cans, ping pong balls, and fly swatters (we don’t use these to swat flies, but to play games like this) can provide children entertainment. The game was taken from their book Unplugged Play, and this was an activity they picked out to do. I shared about the book here, and it’s one of their favorites to flip through to find projects and activities.

I would totally wear all their outfits in these photos, well, except maybe not the fox tights. I love those tights, but on an adult, I don’t think they would be as cute, at least not on me. The personalities are so evident in the outfits they choose for themselves. Brave is rockin’ that flannel, of course in red and blue (always check the boy section at Old Navy, lots of good stuff for girls too!). Soul, the most girly dresser of them all, must wear a dress (or a skirt), and True likes to mimic the styles I’m into. She knows I love my leopard boots (and sneakers), so this is her way of matching me. I wish her leopard sweater came in my size, so maybe it’s the other way around, and I want to be like True. Glow has started voicing her thoughts on what she wants to wear, so it will be interesting to see how her style evolves since she has three older sisters she can mimic.

on true: leopard sweater, drapey-ankle pants, leopard sneakers, c/o old navy. hat, gap kids. on brave: plaid flannel, denim, c/o old navy. shoes, vans. on soul: ruffled dress, denim jacket, fox tights, c/o old navy. shoes, superga. on glow: striped moto jacket, skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, c/o old navy.

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marching in leopard boots

leopard boots leopard boots leopard boots leopard boots Yup, I’m marching. Sometimes you have to do silly things when taking frivolous outfit pictures for a strange thing called a blog. Plus, wearing leopard boots just make me want to march. Or dance. Basically, I love them.

On Friday, I went to the doctor. Afterwards, I was able to quickly sneak in another visit to a thrift store nearby. I saw lots of good things, but there are some specific things I am looking for, so I passed up on all the pretty things I saw to stick to my list. One of the things on my list was a long black dress, so you can imagine my excitement at finding this one (and for 3 buckaroos!). I saw lots of vintage sweaters there, but it wasn’t on my list, so I resisted. That was tough for this vintage lover! Another thing on my list was a cozy sweater dress, which I did find too (for another $3). I have to alter it a bit to make it wearable, but that’s no big deal since I like altering clothes. I even found a little stocking stuffer for one of the girls.  Last week, was definitely a good thrifting week for me. *high-five*

on me: dress, thrifted. leopard boots, zara.




thrifted things

thrifted DSC_4075 I don’t make it out to the thrift store that often these days, and when I have been able to, it’s usually a bust. Nothing good. This time was a nice surprise since I came home with a way-too big for me dress and some Levi’s 501s. The dress was $3 and the jeans $5, so I’m pretty proud of my loot. The dress wasn’t cute at all, so I turned it into a shirt, with plenty of fabric left over to turn into something else. Have you thrifted anything good lately?



earth tones

birthday things birthday things birthday things birthday things Earth tones have always been the colors I gravitate too ever since high school. I remember someone used to make fun of me because I always wore brown tones. Now, I don’t think I realized I wore it that often (and I think I just happened to be wearing brown every time I saw that person) because I liked pastels too (there was plenty of that mixed in), but maybe I did.

I’ve been getting better with the blacks and greys in recent years. I’m definitely much more comfortable in it now, but sometimes, I still do have trouble figuring out what to wear with black shoes. Is that weird or what? Brown shoes are typically my go-to. I feel like they go with more things than black, but that’s just me.

on me: dress, vintage from adored vintage (also worn here). bag, vintage from ms. tips. shoes, kohls (from about 4 years ago).



in a corn maze

lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze lost in a corn maze Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and apple picking, it’s the must-do list of the fall season, right?! If you’re in SoCal, I think the Cal Poly Pomona corn maze is the best one I’ve seen in a couple years. Their pumpkin patch is usually pretty awesome, but we went just a week after they opened, and they were already sold out. Bummer for us because their pumpkins are reasonable and the whole field is a nice spot for family pictures. We noticed they had a corn maze, so we decided to still stick around. We went to one in Temecula a couple times, but this one just felt much more legit. Just like at the apple orchard, once in, the girls took off running. Of course, they asked first, and we gave permission with a few restrictions to abide by. We didn’t want to risk losing one on the patch, oh what a nightmare that would be.

Anyway, the girls just loved roaming (and running) through the rows and rows of cornstalks. We could have spent a much longer time in there, but the sun was going down, and some of the girls started complaining about needing to use the restroom. After they wore themselves out running through the rows, we headed out. We never found the end of the maze, so we ended up sneaking through rows to get out. Oh well!

It’s feeling much more fall-like here, so the sweaters are (finally!) coming out. This weekend it’s even predicted to be in the mid-60s and rain, so I’m really hoping the SoCal weather sticks to that forecast. We coincidentally all matched that day, but I guess I’ve just been into blues lately. True’s dress looks denim, but isn’t, and I appreciate when a dress doesn’t need to be ironed. If it were in my size, I’d wear it. True and Brave are both wearing sweaters from the boy section of Old Navy, even Glow’s high-tops are from the boy section too. Their boy stuff have lots of things that girls could totally rock! I’ve always loved grandpa sweaters for myself, so it’s cute to see teeny versions on my girls. Keep it cool California, we wanna bundle up a bit!

on me: dress, handmade (see here). boots, swedish hasbeens. necklace, gift from my sister-in-law. on true: faux-denim dress, grandpa cardigan, and leopard sneakers, c/o old navy. necklace, made by true. on brave: patchwork denim and marled cardigan, c/o old navy. slip-ons, shoebuy. necklace, made by brave (see here). on soul: denim skirt, denim jacket, and leopard flats c/o old navy. shirt, holt and luluon glow: dress and high-tops, old navy.

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the bookends

the bookends the bookends the bookends the bookends the bookends the bookends These are my bookend kids, my oldest and my youngest. It’s quite special to watch the unique relationships between all of them, but it’s especially cute to see the mothering True does with Glow. Brave does it too, but by nature of birth order, True is steps into that role more often. There are five years between the oldest and younger (oh my gosh that’s close!), so it will be interesting how their relationship continues to play out as they get older.

My baby sister and I are ten years apart, but she was the pretty much the sibling I have always been closest to, probably because we are the most alike. I have fond memories of her just wanting to hang around me wherever I was, especially if I was on the phone talking to Ben (during our dating years). She just liked being in the room listening to our conversation, and she was the one Ben always enlisted to help him carry out his surprises for me. I was 19 and she was 9, while our other siblings were 12 and 15 and definitely in that angsty tween-teen stage, so I think it was easier to bug me than them.

I wonder what my girls’ relationships with each other will look like in a few years. Right now, they are all really close, I hope it stays that way. They all have their fair share of spats, naturally, but what siblings don’t?

on true: dress, c/o fab kids. shoes, old navy. on glow: dress, c/o fab kids. high-tops, old navy.

Glow’s shoes are from the boy section, but I think it totally works for girls too. She also got a new haircut. Her first hair cut ever and while I was missing her long hair the next day, it was always in her face and she loves it! She loves going to the mirror to check herself out. HA!





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