the bookends

the bookends the bookends the bookends the bookends the bookends the bookends These are my bookend kids, my oldest and my youngest. It’s quite special to watch the unique relationships between all of them, but it’s especially cute to see the mothering True does with Glow. Brave does it too, but by nature of birth order, True is steps into that role more often. There are five years between the oldest and younger (oh my gosh that’s close!), so it will be interesting how their relationship continues to play out as they get older.

My baby sister and I are ten years apart, but she was the pretty much the sibling I have always been closest to, probably because we are the most alike. I have fond memories of her just wanting to hang around me wherever I was, especially if I was on the phone talking to Ben (during our dating years). She just liked being in the room listening to our conversation, and she was the one Ben always enlisted to help him carry out his surprises for me. I was 19 and she was 9, while our other siblings were 12 and 15 and definitely in that angsty tween-teen stage, so I think it was easier to bug me than them.

I wonder what my girls’ relationships with each other will look like in a few years. Right now, they are all really close, I hope it stays that way. They all have their fair share of spats, naturally, but what siblings don’t?

on true: dress, c/o fab kids. shoes, old navy. on glow: dress, c/o fab kids. high-tops, old navy.

Glow’s shoes are from the boy section, but I think it totally works for girls too. She also got a new haircut. Her first hair cut ever and while I was missing her long hair the next day, it was always in her face and she loves it! She loves going to the mirror to check herself out. HA!




kind of dressed up for a wedding

weekend weekend weekend It was over 100 degrees again this past weekend (ugh!) and we went to my cousin’s wedding. Thankfully, the wedding was in the afternoon and there were lots of trees around, so it didn’t feel as hot as it was. We took care of house things in the morning, then about an hour before we’re supposed to leave, I’m yelling, “Everyone get dress!” It’s quite a chaotic scene when we all have to get dressed to go somewhere. If there’s nowhere to go, the girls stay in pajamas all day long, except Soul, she sleeps in a skirt or dress every night.

Soul has been wearing that “party dress” of hers since Friday night. She slept in it and wore it again all day Saturday. She said she wanted to wear it to the wedding, and whatever, I let her wear it. You can’t tell, but she’s wearing a denim skirt under it too. It’s her newest thing to wear two skirts. That girl always has a thing. Brave is Nancy Drew mixed with Peter Parker, and True wore Birks (I wasn’t paying attention when she chose her footwear). Glow’s the only I dressed myself. The wedding was country/cowboy themed (the bride is from Texas), so Ben just wore a Canadian tuxedo. It was not formal, and Ben was happy to be able to wear jeans. I wore a shift dress from Old Navy and my favorite boots.

The wedding venue also had a mini orchard, so Ben made a beeline to check that out as soon as the ceremony was over. I headed into the greenhouse because all the pretty plants caught my eye.¬†It was such a fun evening out together celebrating my cousin’s marriage and being able to catch up with family that we don’t see too often.

Our weekend was filled with lots of family and friend time. We didn’t get home until 10pm on Saturday and Sunday night. That’s pretty wild for us!



glow’s birthday dress

Glow's 3rd birthday Glow's 3rd birthday Glow's 3rd birthday I quickly sewed this up last Friday afternoon for her birthday dress (the next day). I originally wanted the girls to draw animals and then hand embroider their drawings, but there just wasn’t time. I did an elastic collar and waist, it was originally supposed to have longer sleeves, but I got scissor happy and cut them off one side, so I had to do it to the other, but then one side happened to be shorter than the other, so oh well. It ended up cute anyway. The girls said the top looked like lemur tails, so I guess it was perfect for her birthday outing to the zoo.



ready for the noise

the girls the girls the girls the girls the girls the girls the girls the girls This week, the girls have been off on vacation galavanting with my parents. We stayed in San Diego this past weekend, and my parents happened to plan a trip there for the week, so we dropped the girls off with them on Sunday night at their hotel. It’s been so quiet here and I’m getting lots done, but I miss the happy (and chaotic) noise here. We worked hard these past couple weeks to get ahead in school work to be able to allow them to go, so I’ve been using my time to catch up on projects and house stuff.

I’m learning everyday how to be a better parent. There’s always room for improvement, so I’m trying. While I do miss them, it is also a welcomed break, but I think some time off from the everyday does everyone some good from time to time. My parents still work, thus they don’t really get to spend time with the girls that often, so I’m sure they’re loving getting to shower them with love (and probably other things) for a whole week. I’m sure we will have to do a little bit of reseting when they get back, but I’m so glad they get to create memories with their grandparents. Ben had a much harder time letting them go off for a week, but he understood that I welcomed the break and that they get to enjoy their Grammy and Grumpy.

on me: dress, she inside (awhile back). shoes, steve madden (from about 5 years ago). on true: denim shirt dress & leopard sneakers, c/o old navy. on brave: dress, vintage. denim shirt & ballet slippers, c/o old navy. on soul: heart tee & striped mini, c/o old navy. shoes, salt-waters. on glow: play dress, c/o old navy. shoes, vintage.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. I’m thankful for your continuous support of this space and the brands I partner with.



first day of school

first day of school 2014 first day of school 2014 first day of school 2014 Their first day of school was to their enrichment classes (we homeschool, but they go to a school once a week), and they each picked what outfit they wanted to wear the night before. Brave picked her birthday dress and True picked out this dress that we made together for my book, Let’s Sew Together. I have don’t have a pattern to share for Brave’s, but if you want to make True’s dress, there are instructions and a pattern for it in my book. It’s actually reversible too! Their backpacks are also projects in the book, and their lunch bags were projects in the pre-order packets that came with the book if you pre-ordered it.

I also love how True wanted to channel Hello Kitty, so she took her cat headband and added a bow to it. When Brave saw these pictures, she said, “I love that picture of me. It looks like I’m flying to school!”

Oh these girls! I can hardly believe they are in second and third grade already.



a robot in a pocket dress

Brave 7th birthday Brave’s birthday was robot themed, so I made her this special “A Robot in a Pocket Dress.” Her original request was a Transformer party before that changed to a robot one, so since she loved Optimus Prime so much, we put a little one in her pocket. She loves that little guy. Since I’m always running out of time, I went for the simplest style for her dress. I used a lightweight denim (same as my dress here) and I think I cranked this out in 45 minutes (or maybe less).

Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday She had a full birthday weekend, but we made sure to stop by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park¬†before going home. Our passes are set to expire soon, so we’re trying to go as much as we can before the end of September. We got our passes for Glow’s birthday last year and we will probably go again for her birthday this year.




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