a robot in a pocket dress

Brave 7th birthday Brave’s birthday was robot themed, so I made her this special “A Robot in a Pocket Dress.” Her original request was a Transformer party before that changed to a robot one, so since she loved Optimus Prime so much, we put a little one in her pocket. She loves that little guy. Since I’m always running out of time, I went for the simplest style for her dress. I used a lightweight denim (same as my dress here) and I think I cranked this out in 45 minutes (or maybe less).

Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday Brave 7th birthday She had a full birthday weekend, but we made sure to stop by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park before going home. Our passes are set to expire soon, so we’re trying to go as much as we can before the end of September. We got our passes for Glow’s birthday last year and we will probably go again for her birthday this year.



colorful stripes dress

colorful stripes This is a dress I made earlier this summer to take along with me on our trip to Singapore (and to wear many more times after that). It’s inspired by this Ace & Jig dress I’ve always liked, but I’m not a fan of racerback tops, so I did my own tweaking and tinkering to come up with one that would work for me. I thrifted this linen fabric at the thrift store and knew it would be perfect for a summer dress. There are no darts since it’s just a loose dress, but I did do simple pleats all around the skirt. I really love being able to make my own clothes. To me, it’s like shopping, but without spending any money, especially when this fabric was only $5 for 5 yards of it!

colorful striped dress colorful striped dress colorful striped dress colorful striped dress wearing: necklace, shop miquez. bag, thrifted. clogs, c/o lotta from stockholm.



they’re squirrelly and shy

girlies girlies girlies girlies These girls are goofy and playful. If you met them, they would be absolutely silent and you wouldn’t get to see how silly they really are because they are super shy, but they are so funny (when they aren’t shy)! True is the shyest, and we think about putting her in traditional school to see if that would make a difference with her shyness, but we don’t think it would. I think if she were in traditional school, she would easily get overlooked in a classroom because she would stay on task, but she’s just so quiet, she would get lost. The other girls aren’t nearly as shy, but they follow her lead when we’re out and about. When they aren’t with her, they are much more outgoing. It’s so interesting how the oldest really influences the rest of them.

As parents of a very shy child, I find it difficult because she can come across rude and it may seem like we don’t teach them politeness. We are constantly reminding her that even if she feels shy, she can still be polite and greet people. We practice how to greet others (like here) and they meet other kids often, but sometimes that shyness just takes over. It can be so frustrating! She’s such a sweet girl, but it just takes some time for her to come out of her shell. We had a large group of friends over a couple weeks ago (with their kids), and I think it took about an hour to break out of the shyness, but once she did, oh man… all the kids were running around the house. We just need to remember to be patient with her, keep practicing, give her opportunities to practice, and praise her when she takes steps forward (and be encouraging when she needs it). One plus of them being shy is that when we are out in public, especially when dining out, they are pretty behaved. It makes us look like we have really great parenting!

But when they are with people they are comfortable with, they (even True) are squirrelly children. We are always laughing at the funny things they say and do. Soul’s always saying, “Stop laughing. Why are you laughing?!” It’s so cute.

Any of you have super shy children or were shy as a child? What are some things you did or your parents did to help you feel more comfortable engaging others? We understand their shyness is part of them and we love that, but we also want them to have a healthy balance of being able to engage others and not letting their shyness hinder them.

on me: dress, vintage from ms. tips. shoes, swedish hasbeens. necklace, handmade. on true: dress, handmade pattern in my book. leopard shoes, c/o old navy. on brave: dress, handmade by me. shoes, zara. on soul: top, misha lulu. denim skirt and jellies, c/o old navy. on glow: dress, from auntie reinna’s travels. shoes, vintage.



painted apple tee

apple tee Painted Apple Tee

Striped tee
Fabric paint (red & green)
Palette paper

Insert a piece of palette paper (or a plastic bag) in between the front and back of the tee and paint your design on. Allow your design to dry completely, and then with a scrap piece of fabric completely covering your painted design, iron the tee to heat set the design on.

apple tee apple tee apple tee apple tee apple tee We got this striped shirt from Old Navy, and since going back to (home) school is just around the corner, we decided to paint an apple on it. Well, we also got the polkadot tank and couldn’t just stop at the apple (and Soul wanted her chance to paint too), so we made a strawberry on that one. The dots ended up perfect for that! True and Brave get to share the apple tee, and Soul and Glow share the strawberry one.

Here are the girls being silly and wearing their tees out in the wild (we went to the zoo)…

my girlies my girlies my girlies my girlies my girlies We all get such a kick out of those animals masks, but I think the gorilla looks pretty freaky. True’s latest accessory is her “craft bag.” She has a container full of brads and some washi tape attached to outside of it, and inside it is filled with masking tape, scissors, stickers, markers, paper, you name the craft item, it’s probably in there. She brings that bag everywhere! Apparently, she takes her crafting seriously that she must even tote that stuff to the zoo. You never know when inspiration may strike!

on true: chambray top, drapey pants, and leopard sneakers, c/o old navy. bag, vintage from ms. tips. on brave: striped tee, denim skirt, and silver sandals, c/o old navy. on soul: swiss dot dress, c/o old navy. on glow: polkadot tee and skinny jeans, c/o old navy. sandals, vintage.

This post is in collaboration with Old Navy. I’m always thankful for the support you give me and the companies I choose to partner with! 



my girl scout troop

summer style summer style summer style summer style summer style summer style This is my own girl scout troop, but we just don’t wear the brown, blue, or green uniforms, and our troop is more multi-aged. We do engage in outside activities together and are often found doing craft projects at home. Also, we don’t sell girl scout cookies (Ben does not approve of the hydrogenation they still put in those delicious things!).

True story… last spring, a sweet girl scout came knocking at our door with some cookies to sell. I really wanted to support that sweet girl, and I really wanted girl scout cookies. I asked if if I could look at all of them to see their ingredients list, and sure enough they all had hydrogenation (ugh!), and with Ben standing behind me, I said, “What do you think?” He shook his head no. I told that sweet girl that I had to pass because they all had hydrogenation. She probably walked away thinking I was a crazy lady.

Anyway, maybe my troop and I should make our own non-hydrogenated girl scout cookies this week. We’re back home and getting back to routine after last week’s traveling. We have dinner club back on the schedule, our week is already filled up with swim classes and hangouts, and I have lots of emails to catch up on.

I notice my girls True and Soul tend to mimic how I dress. Glow mimics all her older sisters, and Brave beats to her own drum. She picked out this dress because it had red and blue (why? Spider-Man of course!). The girls must be going through a growth spurt; usually, my girls stay the same shoe size for at least a year (sometimes more!), so there’s never a need to switch out shoes that often. In True’s case though, we bought her those checkered vans for her birthday (and they were slightly big then), but now she’s already complaining they’re too tight. Soul’s also jumped up a shoe size in a matter of a couple months. Kids grow so fast, don’t they?!

on me: shirt and denim skirt, thrifted (I just chopped the denim skirt shorter). shoes, gift from BFF (she got them in Korea, but these are similar). on true: floral romper, c/o old navy (I’d totally wear that!). checkered vans, shoebuy. on brave: tank dress and espadrilles, c/o old navy. on soul: crochet top, denim skort, gold sandals, c/o old navy. on glow: floral chambray dress, silver sandals, c/o old navy. hello kitty glasses (on true and brave), ebay.

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