mini ruffle sleeve dress

I made this for True’s 10th birthday dress (see her wearing it here). It’s almost exactly like my ruffled sleeve denim dress, but just much smaller and more a straight fit than loose. Her dress is made with linen fabric. The rest of the sisters were ooh-ing and aah-ing saying it was so pretty and they want that style too. I did a thicker hem in the bottom, so that I can unfold it and make it longer as she stretches. She had “birthday dress” on her birthday wish list and I like that my girls still like wearing clothes I sew for them.

on true: red clogs, c/o hanna andersson


tulle crown and feather wand

Tulle Crown and Feather Wand

Lace ribbon
Glue gun and glue stick
12″ dowel
Assorted ribbons
Assorted feathers

Directions for the crown:
Wrap entire headband with lace ribbon; glue as you go to secure ribbon in place. Cut out seven 10″ long pieces of tulle and Lark’s head knot each one onto the headband. Cut a 5″ piece of lace and create a small fan and glue that onto the front of the tulle. Trim tulle into a crown shape.

Directions for the feather wand:
Glue 5-6 feathers onto the top of the dowel. Cut three 4″ long pieces of tulle, fold in half, and glue at the base of the feathers. Cut 24″ strands of ribbon and tie onto the top of the dowel.

The wand is inspired by this one from Anthropologie. Most times, we rather make our own than buy, and of course, we needed to make a crown to match the wand. The girls say this crown and wand are perfect for fairies, so fairy wand and crown it is! We would love to make our version of this ruffle cape next.

Soul is our girliest of all. These playful ballerina-like dresses are just the type of thing she goes for. The minute after we made these crowns, she was itching to wear them. She’s the one who is very particular about her hair, says she loves fashion, and is changing outfits several times a day (oye!). While at the same time, her favorite Star Wars character is Luke Skywalker and sometimes she likes to dress like him too. She also loves to play with action figures. I guess you can say she a well rounded gal.

on soul: glacier alice & ames dress and brown salt water sandals, c/o baby cubby. on glow: mustard alice & ames dress and red salt water sandals, c/o baby cubby.

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This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I’ve had this nasty cold/cough for a few weeks now and haven’t been feeling much like myself. I’ve been sleeping in (my body has been needing it), but I miss my 5am wake up and quiet time (my soul sorely misses it).

Oh … Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel reuniting to sing “For Good” is really sooooooo good. Puts me in the mood to put on my Wicked musical soundtrack.

Well, hello there peanut butter cheesecake!

I’m thinking of baking myself oatmeal pecan pie for Mother’s Day. I’m kind of craving it.

We are all doing a happy dance that standardized testing is done. Woot! Woot!

I love the new stripe tees and shoes on Everlane.

Such a cool vintage wall hanging!

All sorts of yes and amen and seeing my need for Jesus in this article, “Parenting is First About My Sin.”

It’s playoff season in the NBA and we are enjoying cheering our Spurs on. #gospursgo

Any Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming friends here? We will be driving through on our road trip and would love any suggestions for things we must stop and see.

Hope you have a chill weekend friends!


just one of them days

Being a mom is great, but let’s be real, there are lots of not so great days too. Today, I had envisioned adventures out to get ice cream to celebrate the end of standardized testing, but then it was raining, and I didn’t want to drive in the rain. Also, the girls had some schoolwork to finish and I had projects to catch up on, so we decided to stay home. I did say, “If we get everything done early, we can hop in bed, watch a movie, and eat ice cream.” I thought some movie watching and ice cream eating was a good way to waste away our Friday afternoon.

Well, of course, someone had to start fighting with someone, and someone didn’t want to share with another someone, all while I was trying to cook. Then, I join in and decide to be mad at all of them because they aren’t listening and everyone is pissed off. I took a break and went off in my room to get away from the endless crying. One was in her room crying over the silliest things, another was at the school table crying because everyone is mad, and number three is pouting and angry because I took away their light sabers (they weren’t sharing). In the midst of the crazy, the baby was sleeping (she always disappears to nap every afternoon), so she missed all the drama. I laid in bed, put on Netflix (and my headphones), and waited a little while until it was safe to come out of my cave.

When I finally emerged (after an episode of Daredevil), there was no more crying, the baby was awake, all the laundry was put away, one was downstairs sweeping, and another in her bed reading. One by one I talked to each girl and talked about how they were struggling to love others more than themselves (and how I was having a hard time with that too). Then they each prayed and asked for forgiveness from God for whatever it is they were doing wrong, and then they went to party they wronged to ask forgiveness from them as well. I had to ask them (and God) to forgive me for losing my cool too. All is well and peace has been restored to our home.

Despite the not so graceful moments, motherhood has plenty of great and magical moments too. Like earlier, before all the drama, I was joking around with the girls and we were playing ninja. I was pretending to do some fancy kick moves and we were all laughing at how silly I looked. Their eyes light up when we are all just having playing and being silly together. Those moments remind me to give my kids more silly. They need a silly mom just as much as they need a structured and disciplined mom.

All of this though, good and bad, need to cherished. The time is moving far too quickly and I already feel this season will all be over too soon. My heart hurts thinking about it, while I also get excited to see what our relationship will look like later. I’m not a perfect parent, but that’s why I trust in the one who was the perfect parent in my place, and I strive to point my kids to see Jesus too (albeit, I fail in that too). Parenting is definitely an adventure with lots of high highs and low lows, but I’m so thankful for all it. All of it is a blessing.

I texted Ben that the girls were driving me batty today. His text back … #HMD.

Happy Mother’s Day indeed.


cotton rope wall hanging

Cotton Rope Wall Hanging

Wooden hoop (I used wooden bag handles, but an embroidery hoop works well too.)
Braided cotton rope
Sewing needle

Cut several long strands of cotton rope. Fold each strand in half and using a Lark’s head knot, add them to the bottom of the wooden hoop. With the needle, fray and unravel each strand of rope. Braid some strands of rope together. Trim ends to desired shape.

If you don’t have time to learn how to macrame or weave, you could get similar effect with this easy wall hanging. If you have 15 minutes and some braided cotton rope, you should give this DIY a try!

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