backyard orchard culture: we’ve got apple trees!

winter gardening 2015 winter gardening 2015 apple trees apple trees apple trees Take 2. The first try was two years ago (see here). We’ve learned a lot since and made some modifications, namely, raised beds.

During the two years, we’ve also learned about Kevin Hauser and his knack for growing apples in hot climates. As a result we’ve been exposed to some non-traditional apples for our area; varieties once thought limited to much colder climates.

Now that they’ve been planted, they really just look like short sticks in the ground. However, we’re hoping that one day, these espaliered trees will be providing us with some excellent apples. We highly recommend Kevin’s trees and how-to manuals, especially for those in hotter areas!



follow the rainbow

follow the rainbow follow the rainbow Yesterday afternoon, True was excitedly telling her sisters, “Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and we are going to get surprises.”

I heard that and my eyes got wide. I didn’t plan anything, but my failure to remember this day happens every year. I never remember it until the night before. Thankfully, I have a stash of goodies for an occasion such as this and I hoard craft supplies. Thus, with some kraft containers stuffed with a little wooden car and toy horse, along with gold shreds, we had the perfect “pot of gold” for the end of the rainbow. The rainbow is just made with colorful crepe paper streamers leading from the upstairs hallway to the bottom of the stairs.

See last year’s surprise here, and the year before is found¬†here. This morning, during breakfast, we watched this short clip about St. Patrick. Did you know Saint Patrick wasn’t even Irish?! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



splatters of color

homesewn clothes homesewn clothes homesewn clothes homesewn clothes I’ve had this fabric for several years now and have vacillated on what to do with it. Initially, I wanted to make it like the tie style dress I made here, but then didn’t. Later, I thought it would be a cool romper for one of the girls, but that never happened. A few weeks ago, as I was internet browsing, I happened upon this dress and thought, “Oh that dress and fabric looks fun”, and then remembered I had similar colorful fabric, so I set out to recreate it.

It’s a trapeze dress and I did make the slits on the sides of the dress to slip a matching sash to tie around the waist if I wanted to. Here’s a sketch of the dress shape if you wanted to try your hand at making your own. I didn’t follow that, but what I did was similar. You can’t tell due to the busy pattern of the fabric, but I sewed bust darts.

It’s such a nice lightweight cotton and with it being over 90 degrees on Saturday, it was the perfect thing to wear out. The bag is a souvenir I brought home from my trip to Singapore. It’s a tote of the MRT (public transport) routes, and I tell you, it was so easy to use. I love looking at my bag and remembering all my favorite stops, which then reminds me of all the delicious food we indulged in while there.

on me: dress, handmade. black clogs, c/o lotta from stockholm. bag, from singapore.



family meals: week 99

family meals family meals Wonton Soup.¬†I made this a week or so ago when it was cold outside, and loosely followed this recipe. Doesn’t matter the weather though, I would gladly eat this soup anytime. Making wontons might appear fancy and extremely difficult, but it really isn’t. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Week of 3/16 – 3/20
Monday: Pozole
Tuesday: Beans and rice
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Homemade pizza
Friday: Tilapia

My BFF made this for dinner with her husband, and I can’t wait to add it to our meal plan in the next couple weeks.



hello there again

life life Life was insanely busy and so I disappeared. From time to time, I will work as a craft stylist and my most recent job was for Family Fun Magazine. It was two weeks of prepping for our upcoming shoot and just normal busy life with my family. Something had to go, so updating the blog did, and all my free time went towards prepping for the shoot. Don’t worry, I’m made sure to carve out rest time for me and fun activities for the girls. The shoot was this past Wednesday, and I was so tired on Thursday, but finally felt back to normal on Friday.

I hadn’t felt that busy since I was writing my book, but while I love the challenge and rush of having to prep for a big project, I definitely enjoy not being so busy too. You just never know the different things life will throw at you. Sometimes it’s good, bad, sad, and just plain crazy, but it’s life. I’m thankful for all of it!

We are taking the girls to see a play this weekend and my parents come back from their 3 week tour of Europe, so we get to see them tomorrow. Also, excited about getting to gather with church family on Sunday and get refreshed with the word of God. There’s so much more I want to share and other good things I found around the internet, but taking care of taxes is on today’s agenda too. Ugh. Happy weekend friends!




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