diy: mini leather clutch

Mini Leather Clutch

8 1/2″ x 11″ leather piece
9″ zipper
Neon paint
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine

Seam allowance: 1/4″

1. Cut your leather rectangular piece in half, so that each piece is 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. Tape off the portion of the clutch you would like to give a bright, neon stripe. I did ours about 2″ in from the edge, and make sure you paint the opposite side of the second leather piece, so that when you put the right sides together, the stripe ends up lining up.

Paint your stripe and allow to dry completely. I did 3 coats to get a nice bright pink. In black light, the pink glows!

2. With the zipper teeth down on the right side of one of leather pieces, line up your zipper, pin in place. Sew along the edge of the zipper.

3. Place the second leather piece on top, with the right sides together, line up the zipper edge with the leather piece. Pin in place and sew along the entire length.

4. With the right sides of the leather pieces together (open the zipper, so that it can be turned inside out), sew along the sides and bottom of the clutch. I sewed ours with rounded corners. Once all sides have been sewn, turn right side out. Add a tassel in a fun color for a little bit more neon pop!

It could be a pencil pouch or a mini clutch for a night out. I haven’t decided if I’m going to give it to the girls to use (they want it!) or keep it for myself. Maybe, I’ll just have to make another.

Supplies provided as part of the Michaels’ Makers SeriesFrom neons & neutrals, to bag charms & kawaii cuteness, Michaels has everything you need to head out Back To School in the latest trends.

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the OC fair tradition ’17

This was our 11th trip to the OC Fair and we keep going just to take these pictures and use the photo booth. Upon arrival at our usual spot, we were bummed out to see that they switched the booths out into digital booths (bring back film please!). The lady, who takes our photo every year (and I’m facebook friends with now), let us know they’re slowly switching over to digital. They still had some film booths at the fair, but not at our usual spot, so we took our family photo here, and headed to the other ares for the film photo booth. Here are some things I noticed about this newest family photo versus the previous years…

Ben and I are both wearing denim like last year.

Brave has had her hair up 3 years in a row.

They are standing in descending order this year.

This year there are no outfit repeats from the previous year (though you can’t see, but Ben is wearing the same camo shorts like in the previous 4 years).

I’m still always standing to the left of Ben.

The baby, Glow, is always closest to me.

Ben’s hair is really long.

Anything stand out to you regarding this year’s photo? Read last year’s comparison’s here.




This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Thankful the girls don’t need technology to be entertained. They spend most of their days reading and playing together. Maybe about an hour before Ben comes home, I’ll let them watch something on the ipad.

It was a blessing for Ben and I to be able to carve out “alone time” for Brave. We’ve been trying to give each girl their own special mommy and papi time each week.

Super thankful and blessed to be able to hang out with lots of friends this week, but I am feeling a bit peopled out. This introvert needs some time to recharge.

Have you seen the most recent Wovenfolk shop update? This one is a fave.

I would love to embroider a shirt like this, but I don’t think I have the patience.

Made this enchilada casserole, but substituted the ground meat with black beans, and I made my own enchilada sauce. We all loved it! The egg whites are a good tortilla substitute.

In love with these Rachel Comey earrings.

Anyone try this blush? I’m almost all out, so while I love the powdery version of this, I’ve never done blush this way.

Would happily cover my legs with this button up skirt via Shop Aro.

We’ve got another birthday coming up this week… Brave is gonna be 10!



bjonesstyle x wovenfolk collaboration

I teamed up with Beth from B. Jones Style on a little WOVENFOLK lookbook video. We each styled 3 outfits with some woven goods and Beth put together an awesome little video to show you! The shop’s most recent update included some of the woven pretties that were featured in the video.

We both have a love for vintage, and pretty much that’s all we’re wearing (except our shoes), so we don’t have links to share if you wanted to know where to find the exact piece. But if you love the hats and bags… I’ve got you covered over here.

Watch our collaboration video here!





vintage tee

I’m not really a t-shirt gal. I love my Everlane plain tees, but other than that, you won’t find me in a graphic tee that often. I do have a nice stash of vintage tees that I used to wear, and some I just wear to sleep now because they’re so worn through, but my stash is mostly being saved for the girls. In fact, they wear some of them already (it’s way loose on them and was pretty form fitting on me). Lately though, I’ve been wearing a couple of my vintage tees. I like the way this vintage David Robinson shirt feels paired with this skirt.

This summer has been more fun adventures and relaxing (and wovenfolk shop stuff) than craft projects. I had a list of crafts I wanted to do with the girls, but we haven’t gotten around to it. This space has always been about things I love and have fun doing, and you’ve been getting more fashion-y post of late because I love fashion-y things too. I’m not a trend setter or a super fashion-y person, but I do enjoy dressing up. It’s a fun way to express myself, I love putting together looks, and hunting for gems at the thrift store.

A friend came early one morning to drop something off and she was surprised to find that I was already dressed up for the day. She said, “Do you always get dressed up like you’re leaving the house, even though you aren’t?!” My reply, “I do!” I think I get it from my mom; she is a get dressed up everyday type of person. She was definitely never one to leave in her workout clothes. In fact, I don’t think she owns workout clothes. My mom has always been pretty stylish and hip, so I think she loves expressing herself through clothes too.

on me: tee, vintage. skirt, vintage (vintage here, new there). shoes, loq. turquoise striped basket, wovenfolk.


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