April 6, 2018

I’m always tooting Everlane’s horn, but they’ve done it again with their new Editor Slingbacks. They are so classic and chic; I love the pretty colors they come in. Everlane sells out real fast, so if you’ve been looking for a pair of cute flats, don’t wait. I remember when the first stock of Day Heels came out, they sold out real fast and I had to wait a few months until the restock. Even though, I’m not ordering a pair of these (I prefer shoes with a bit of a heel), I wanted to share them because some of you flat shoe loving friends might love them. It’s Friday and it’s always nice to celebrate the weekend with a little treat for yourself!

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April 5, 2018

You all know I’m a basket lover with a soft spot for vintage and handmade, so I wanted to share this brand I love… Unravel Co. Unravel Co based out of Austin, Texas, is a basket shop that features handmade baskets made by artists in Ghana (read more about the collaboration here). Started in June 2017 by Sanetra Nere Longno. Her vision is to have a business that helps others, meanwhile developing fruitful relationships through design and collaboration. With that, Sanetra has a fundraiser to help build huts in the Ghanaian community in Sherigu. The vision is to build a learning community center. All visitors needs will be met with a place to rest, a stand alone full kitchen, water for everyday use and a center to learn about weaving and the culture. All things we take for granted here in the US. This enables the community to have a better cooking environment for the women to feed children and students. It also provides a finished weaving center for the talented makers.

They need to raise $1585 to complete the huts, and they’re about a third of the way there. To learn more about the fundraiser or to donate, you can get more info here.

And though WOVENFOLK is a basket shop too, I’m proud to share another basket shop with you. I love supporting other women run businesses, especially those who share my love for all things woven and those with a heart to use their business to help others.

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April 3, 2018

We had so much fun celebrating Christ’s Resurrection this past Sunday, so much so that I slept in until 9 on Monday morning. The day started off gathering with our church family and my soul needed that refreshing. Then, we headed to Ben’s side of the family. They spoiled the girls with Easter baskets and an egg hunt. It was an extra special Easter with Ben’s fam because it will likely be our last Easter in that house as his cousins will be relocating to Texas. We’re excited for their new house and adventures in retirement, but we will miss having them here in California. Ben and I have so many memories at that house, so it will definitely be hard once they officially move out. Until then, we will savor every celebration and time we get with them here.

After stuffing ourselves silly there, we headed to my parent’s to get stuffed even more. The girls even had another egg hunt there too! Family is definitely a gift and as our girls get older, we appreciate family more and more. It takes a village to raise a family, and we are thankful for our church family and family that pour out love into the lives of our girls. We’ve especially felt it in the trials we’ve gone through this past year. Resurrection Sunday is definitely a day to celebrate grace upon grace. We are so undeserving, but yet Christ so selflessly and generously gave His life for us. It sounds so simple to say all we need to do is repent and believe, but it is simple because Christ already did the difficult work. All we need to do is see how beautifully Holy God is, see our sinful condition and what Jesus did for us. Then, repent and trust Jesus. Everything else that follows is an outpour of knowing who Jesus really is. We have hope, even when life is dark, because of Christ.


March 30, 2018

Ben and I have been talking a lot in recent weeks about this season of our life. Out of diapers, no more nap schedules, and everyone (almost everyone) can wipe their own butts. It’s a great season, not better than those baby years, but just a different season. We’ve had the up and onward mentality and look forward to what comes next in these tween/teen years. I’ve started mentally making plans of going back to school to get my masters and joining the corporate workforce once Glow goes off to college, or envisioning what I’d love Wovenfolk to eventually become. I go back and forth between wanting to pursue something creative or joining the regular 9-5ers. I think I’d be happy with either, though Ben thinks I’d only be happy with a creative job. We’re also not in a rush for the next thing and trying our best to savor the here and now.

As much as we make plans, we don’t know exactly what the future holds either. All Ben and I can do with our plans is hold them with open hands. We’ve never felt that open hand faith as much as we do now in this season of life. Sometimes, when you think you have it all planned out, life (God) throws curve balls too. And though difficult at first, those curve balls end up making sense later (and we’re all the better because of them). When I look at Ben, I still see that young couple that fell in love working at the GAP, and I can’t believe how far we’ve come. We aren’t those same people, we’ve grown so much and it’s overflowed into 4 little ones. At 20 and 27, we were so blindly in love. After 16 years together, there’s a lot we’ve weathered and seen, and we still have yet to weather and see. At 36 and 43, we’re seasoned, but still new, and our love is far from blind. We’ve seen the ugly sins of both our hearts, but we both still choose to do this together. Together is how we will continue as we commit to God any plans we have, but still stay open to plot twists God may give.

These pictures of from my brother’s wedding day this past Sunday. I love seeing this picture of the girls and imagining one day they’ll be dressed up to support each other in their own weddings. They’re such (sometimes stubborn) sweethearts and I love them so much.

what i’m wearing: dress & shoes, vintage. on true and brave: eyelet dress, target. similar shoes, target. soul and glow: eyelet dress, old navy. shoes, old navy. I added a satin ribbon on each dress to dress it up a little. 


March 28, 2018

I’m certainly no fashion blogger, but I do love fashion and getting dressed every day. I enjoy expressing myself through clothes. My style isn’t super funky, but I just know what I like, and I’ll always prefer vintage to new. I wanted to share a few styles I’ve pinned lately that are inspiring me. Clearly, I like long dresses and jumpsuits.

Pinterest has so much inspiration and my fave things to pin are fashion, decor, & food. Follow along with all my pins here.

{top to bottom: co pre fall 2018 via vogue. caron callahan jumpsuit. pink jumpsuit via oroborostore. penny sage dress via lisa says gah. joanna dress via marah hoffman.}


March 27, 2018

It is recommended to grow blueberries in an acidic soil and it can be easier to control the acidity by growing them in containers.

We grew blueberries in containers a few years back and they thrived (see the post here). They were super easy to grow and the girls loved them. However, so did the birds. These feathered pests would snatch them up BEFORE they even turned blue! With such a low production of blueberries, it was an unwinnable battle, as the birds wouldn’t leave us with much.

Then, we tried a variety of defenses. We tried bird netting (but the birds would somehow get in… but couldn’t get out (those were uncomfortable moments). Then we tried wrapping chicken wire but the wire ends are quite sharp and ornery (those too were uncomfortable moments). In the end, it required too much time and work, so we gave up on them.

Now that our edible gardening has ventured to the front yard, we’ve planted them in the ground along our front yard border. Our neighbor is notorious for overwatering his front lawn and prior to our front lawn redesign, his excessive watering lead to the killing of one tree we had and stunting the growth of another. As a result, we needed something that didn’t mind moisture. So, the blueberries seem to be like a good fit. Furthermore, we’re hoping that they’ll grow large enough so that our expectations for blueberries can co-exist with the birds’.

To get the acidity in the soil, after digging the hole, the girls and I used a 1:1 ratio of peat moss to native soil and backfilled. (I was able to get a large bale of peat moss at a local bulk soil company.) For the in-ground method, I was helped through some University of Maine videos online.

Gardening involves so much trial and error, so only time will tell how effective these strategies will work!

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