March 25, 2020

Today’s WORDS WEDNESDAY is a coloring page for “MAKE EACH DAY COUNT” It was a reminder from Sunday morning’s sermon from Psalm 90, which we were able to gather with our church family virtually. Thankful to technology that we can still have Sunday gathering and not neglect to gather as a church during this time.

With the sheet… fill it in, color it, decorate it, and share it with the rest of us on Instagram! Put it on your wall as a reminder that while we are confined to our homes, we can still make each day count.

For me, it’s been a reminder to spend time in the word and savor God’s goodness, even with the fear and suffering going on. There’s still an opportunity to redeem the time that has been gifted to me. It reminds me for me to live is Christ, and as hard as it is to imagine at times, to die is gain because I know there are eternal glory days up ahead.

To color and make your own little poster, just download and print the documents below…


MAKE EACH DAY COUNT fill in page

If you don’t have access to a printer, feel free to make your own and share it with the rest of us! Always happy to have you share the project, just don’t forget to tag and credit please.


March 23, 2020

In an article I read last week, children were making rainbows and putting them in their front windows of their home to spread joy and hope during this Covid-19 pandemic. Children all over the world seem to be participating because we really are all in this together.

Rainbow template
Paper clip
12″ strand of yarn

1. Draw your rainbow or use the rainbow template as a guide.
2. Cut out your rainbow. There should be 3 pieces.
3. Paint your rainbow. Allow paint to dry completely before painting the other side.
4. Using a paper clip, straighten the wire and then fold in half and twist together to make your “needle”.
5. Tie a knot on one end of your yarn. May want to triple knot so it won’t go through the cardboard.
6. Thread your yarn through the “eye of the needle” and insert into the center cardboard of the bottom portion of the rainbow, working your way up into the top portion of the rainbow.
7. Knot your yarn to create a loop on top for hanging. Cut any excess yarn.
8. Hang in your window for all those who pass by to see!

The project is also shared on instagram (see here). And as always, love when you share it, simply tag and credit please (@rubyellenbratcher and #easyartaday). Thank you! 


March 20, 2020

I’ll be working on getting all the #easyartaday projects on the blog, but to go with today’s Polygon Sculptures, here is a list of books that would go well with the art project:

The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns

If You Were a Quadrilateral by Molly Cece Barlow Blaisell

If You Were a Polygon by Marcie Aboff and Sarah Dillard

Tangled: A Story About Shapes by Anne Miranda

Triangle by Mac Barnett

Square by Mac Barnett

Circle by Mac Barnett

If you have any other favorite shape books to share, do so in the comments below! And don’t forget to read a book and accompany it with the Polygon Sculptures #easyartaday project. It’s reading, math, and art all rolled into one!


March 18, 2020

I’ve started an #easyartaday series on instagram (follow me here) to spark some creativity during this stressful time and to give ideas to parents who suddenly find themselves joining us in the homeschooling world.

Today’s WORDS WEDNESDAY is a coloring page for “KEEP CALM AND (fill in the blank)” or “KEEP CALM AND WASH YOUR HANDS.” It’s kind of the mantra I’ve been reminding myself with when this whole thing started, along with “KEEP CALM AND TRUST GOD.”

Fill it in, color it, decorate it, and share it with the rest of us on Instagram! Let’s send some words of encouragement to each other today! I know we must all need it right now.

To color and make your own little poster, just download and print the documents below…

KEEP CALM color sheet

KEEP CALM black and white sheet

KEEP CALM blank sheet

If you don’t have access to a printer, feel free to make your own and share it with the rest of us! Always happy to have you share the project, just don’t forget to tag and credit please.

When you’re done with your sign, take a photo and share it on social media and tag me because I’d love to share all the encouraging messages back out into the world. And tag it #easyartaday, so we can keep all the artwork together and get inspired by one another. Then, put the sign up somewhere in your home for all to see during this turbulent season.

KEEP CALM AND WASH YOUR HANDS, friends! And I’ll also be (prayerfully trying) to KEEP CALM AND TRUST IN GOD.


March 16, 2020

Big family. Homeschooling. That means home all the time, especially right now, and we eat 3 meals a day at home, so the pantry gets in disarray quite easily. Then, throw in 4 girls who love to bake, things get to be quite upside down in an instant. Working with The Container Store on this month’s organization challenge, I was happy to be given the chance to tackle our kitchen pantry.

The last few years, we only buy exactly what we need when grocery shopping, so it helps eliminate a lot of things that get wasted or forgotten in our pantry. Also, we spent a few months eating through whatever was taking up space in there, which was a lot of legumes and beans, so even though we’ve always wanted a big walk-in pantry, we probably wouldn’t even be able to fill it!

Some pantry game changers are the Hyacinth Baskets. It helps us group some similar items together. We have cookies and chips at the very top (out of reach), baskets with baking stuff that’s in a spot that easily accessible, as well as pasta. At the bottom, our rice, vinegar, and brown paper bags are neatly put away in the baskets.

I also didn’t know how much a Lazy Susan can create more space. It makes it easier to keep bottles organized. Instead of moving things around to get something at the back, I just spin it around to access what I need.

The Prokeepers Baker Storage Set was perfect for organizing some of our baking supplies. I love seeing the clear containers labeled; it look so pretty. The iDesign Linus Pantry Bins also keep some smaller items grouped together, and we can see what’s inside. My favorite organizational tool of all of them are the Black Bin Clip Labels on the baskets. I love labeling things and this is such a pretty way to identify the contents of each basket. Makes the pantry feel a little bit more fancy.

The Container Store had just the things we needed to help maximize our pantry space and get the things in our kitchen much more efficient. Items are much easier to access and put away now. Yes to more space and clean spaces! Take advantage of the Kitchen and Pantry sale is running from now through April 5th.

This post is in partnership with The Container Store as one of their Brand Ambassadors. The opinions and text are all mine. I appreciate the time you spend in this space, the support you give me, and the brands I partner with.


March 15, 2020

Online distractions are nice little breaks in the craziness of the last few days. One of the things I like to look for are jewelry to admire online… from indie brands to antique pieces. I love seeing all the new designs and styles, and old designs and styles, popping up.

Before Ben and I got engaged, unbeknownst to me, he was visiting various antique jewelers looking for the perfect antique ring to give to me. Internet wasn’t as fancy as it is now, so he was using the phonebook (remember those?!) to find places, and there weren’t a plethora of antique sellers online just yet. He said it wasn’t easy to find rings, though he did come close to purchasing an antique Tiffany ring, but ultimately decided his mom’s wedding ring would be the perfect ring to pass down. And it certainly was! When he proposed, and I found out where the ring was from, all I said was, “Awwwwww…” in completely melt my heart sweet way. Angelina (his mom) trumps Tiffany’s for sure.

Fast forward to almost 15 years later, you can find all sorts of rings online… sustainable brands, indie designers, sometimes both mixed together, and of course, antique and vintage. If you’ve been visiting this site for awhile, you know rings are just my thing. If you’ve ever met me, you can usually tell rings are my thing as I wear multiple, and even multiple on one finger. So when I need a distraction, I head online or on IG to see what beauties I can admire. And cause we can all use some fun little distraction, I like sharing them with you.  

I’ve recently been searching for chain link rings, when I came across this Love Me Knot Ring in the Aurate rings collections. I’ve really been into big link-chain looking pieces recently, so this was exactly what I had in mind. I’d like to stack it with some of my daintier rings. 

Citrine is a stone I’ve been keeping an eye on too. I saw this antique early Victorian citrine ring, but with a foil back, it’s much too temperamental for everyday wear. Antique pieces, when made with foil back, can’t get wet. Thus, can cause the stone to lose its luster and damage it. So as much as I’ve always wanted a Georgian or Early Victorian piece, if it’s not wearable, it’s not worth it. 

I love the birth stone ring from Mociun. It would be fun to have one for each of my girls and then give it to them one day when they’re older and prepared to take care of jewelry. 

Lastly, my searches also lead me looking for modernist sterling pieces, and De la Fuente Vintage always has such good things. This sultry ring is the perfect blend of minimalist and modern. 

With the craziness of the last few days, and being homebound more in the forseeable future, I’ll be here sharing more things that add a little fun distraction to these days. Rings is one area… and searching for vintage jumpsuits is another! Those can keep me entertained for days. LOL

Oh! And shoes of course. How about you?

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