September 13, 2018

Where did time go?!! This girl has grown in leaps and bounds this year in maturity, but she’ll forever be my baby kid! Her heart has grown so much in compassion and love for others, especially babies. She never really cared for babies before, and didn’t like when I held babies, but she loves them all so much now. I see that natural nurturer in her coming out, but I guess I’m not surprised because she has 3 older sisters that take real good care of her.

She’s my cuddle buddy. Loves to sleep. She deals with her problems by sleeping. Green is her favorite color. She will always have something green on. Hates reading, but loves math. Yoda is her favorite character. Doesn’t like dresses (though I hope she likes the birthday dress I made her). Loves to draw. Wants to be near all the babies. She’ll say I’m her best friend, but if Ben is around, she’ll make sure to say it’s the both of us. Doesn’t like the movie Coco. Wants to be a zookeeper. Loves short hair and is debating if she wants bangs. She’s our quirky kid and does and says random things, which she thinks makes her the funniest sister.

We love you, Glow! I know year 7 has some big things coming up for you and I can’t wait to see how God continues to grow that big heart of yours!  

Anyone been following since her birth or before? I’m sure you’re in shock she’s 7 too! Tell time to slowwww dowwwwn pleaseeee. Go down memory lane and read how I hypnobirthed her out into this world here.


September 10, 2018

Memories are a funny thing. Like I have all these memories of my girls being born, first bath, first feeding, and all the baby firsts, but they won’t remember much of that. In fact, they don’t remember much of those first couple years. We’ve been cleaning and purging and I came across this tiny shirt. It was a shirt my parents got me when I was a baby, and they clearly left me for Vegas. My mom must have given it to me a long time ago, and I kept it, which is definitely a surprise to my parents because I am the tosser of everything. Well, to them at least. But for the record, I do save certain things. Like this shirt. I’m even thinking about framing it and hanging it somewhere. Because I’m all about eclectic and this fits the bill.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot of the girls’ younger years and all the memories I have of that.  I had all of them so close in age, so while the older 2 do remember Glow being born, they’ve pretty much only known life all together. They travel in a pack. Parents have this big bottle of memories from their children’s  infant and toddler years, but kids don’t ever remember much of that.

When I think back to what I think is my first memory, I remember swimming in the pool of our apartment complex with my parents and their friends and almost drowning. I didn’t know how to swim and I think I let go of the edge for a quick second, and panicked. I have other vague memories of waving goodbye to my dad as he left for work while we were living at the same apartment complex, but I don’t know if it’s a real memory or because I’ve been told that story. Also, I remember going to this particular park with my dad and I loved when we would ride these really big, bumpy slides. That might have started my love for rollercoasters! In all these stories, I was about 3 or 4 years old.

I’m thinking I’m going to have the girls write down the farthest back they can remember now. I’m so curious what they will classify as their first memory. Been feeling really sentimental lately with all the changes going on as the girls grow. So much of this season of motherhood is hard, but it’s also the best. I want to soak in all I can because you blink, and then they’re all grown up.

I’m curious, what do you think your first memory is?


September 8, 2018

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

We were in the full swing of homeschool this week and it felt good!

The girls and I cherish our Wednesday night dinners with my parents. We get in family time, a delicious home cooked meal, I Love Lucy, and sent home with more food. This time is such needed for my heart, especially in this season. We are so thankful for my parents!

Wovenfolk has been neglected for the past month due to family things, but things should calm down a bit, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things for fall.

Love this pretty brass choker.

Vintage French workwear is so cool and I’ve been eyeing some from Rawson.

We’ve had fun semi-redecorating the girls rooms in the room switch we did. I will be sure to share soon!

My friends and I have all been going through rough seasons, but I’m so thankful we have each other. Ben and I are so thankful to have friends and family to share things with. If you’re going through a hard season too, and need a friend, send me an email, I’d love to be a listening ear.

Still can’t believe we’re nearing mid-Septemeber. I don’t feel fall vibes because it’s still so warm, but it’s coming. I can’t wait for all the holiday things with family.

And Glow turns 7 this week! WHUUTTTT!

It’s good to have HUZZAH post back up! What have you been up to this week?


September 7, 2018

We just completed our second week of homeschool and now we’re really back into the swing of things. The first week I was still waiting for a couple school things to come in, so we sort of eased into it. Week 2 though, I don’t mess, and we doubled down and got serious. While we all miss summer, we all agree that getting a fresh batch of school supplies adds to the fun of starting off a new school year. Newly sharpened pencils, pristine notebooks, clean erasers, and of course, our favorite… art supplies!

Most everyone’s favorite subject here is art (Glow is the one exception as she loves math!), so when we get to reorganize our art cart and stock it with fresh goods, we all get giddy with excitement to start a new year of art projects. I’m partnering with Amazon to share a back-to-school list of things that are must when stocking an art cart…

1. Fineline Marker Pens: The kids use it for drawing fine details and I use it for correcting work.
2. Prismacolor Colored Pencils: These are our favorite colored pencils to use for fine art work. The color is so deep and rich compared to regular colored pencils. When using them for art, we get splurgy with our colored pencils.
3. HP Premium 32 Paper: When the girls draw and color with marker, this is the perfect paper. It is so smooth that it will prevent shredding your markers. My girls are also into brush lettering and this is the paper they use to practice.
4. Oil Pastel Classroom Size Pack: It’s so soft and gives off such vibrant color that my girls love creating art with it. The only problem is that it is so soft and they really lay on the color thick, so each stick goes so fast. A classroom pack makes sure we have enough oil pastel to go around.
5. Tombow Drawing Pencil Set: We love the quality of these pencils and the variation of each pencil in the pack. It allows the girl to practice their shading.
6. Post-It Notes: The girls will use these little pieces of paper to write down ideas or quickly sketch out an art plan.
7. Avery + Amy Tangerine Binder: A binder is definitely needed to keep all their work together in one place.
8. Large Easel Pad: This big pad of paper is especially fun for my littlest gals because one 8.5″x11″ can’t contain them. They can color and fill a page to their hearts’ content. I’ll also use this pad of paper to illustrate for science.
9. Prang Watercolor: Each girl gets their own set and when we go to do art at the park, it’s easy enough to take along in our picnic basket. Also, you can also buy refills when certain colors run out.
10. Flexible Point Markers: These work like watercolor, so it’s another thing we can easily take with us when we do art somewhere else.

Our list can go way longer than 10 because our 3 tiered art cart is certainly filled to the brim. I’ve been working on a lot of house projects lately, so Amazon is my one-stop-shop for all things back-to-school. I much prefer shopping from the comfort of my home and having everything brought to me.  Of course, we also get all the other basic school supplies like pencils, erasers, glue, and composition notebooks too, but art supplies are some of our favorite school things. And when we start off the new year with a new batch, we eagerly anticipate the new year and all the things we will be learning and making.

This post is sponsored by Amazon. The opinions and text are all mine. I appreciate the time you spend in this space, the support you give me, and the brands I partner with.


September 5, 2018

I’m challenging myself to read a book weekly (or a 2 week period depending on the length) that will aid in fueling and refocusing my soul to love Christ more. I have yet to share about my time in Minneapolis this past June, but one of the blessings was coming home with a stack of books from Desiring God. Ben had put this particular book on my list of books to bring home, and while I didn’t know much about it, God knew I needed it (and so did Ben).

The book is called Mom Enough: The Fearless Mother’s Heart and Hope, and it’s such an easy and quick read, a compilation of many different writers. I actually read most of it on my plane ride to Texas in July. Now, I’m definitely not a fearless mother, and I lose heart and hope, and especially my cool often. Ruby pre-kids was always optimistic and bubbly, and you’d never imagine that that young girl would have such a hard time mothering. I was always good with kids, teaching a kids Sunday school class since I was in 7th grade, then going on to study child and adolescent development and get my multiple subject credential to be a teacher, which led to teaching my own classroom of 30 kids. And then I had kids, and that same girl who was a natural with kids, was not a natural with her own kids. LOL

In a sermon recently, our pastor said something along the lines of “If you want to be anxious, then try to control things.” I let out a big internal laugh because that’s so me. I love my kids, and I have fun with them, but motherhood is not for the faint of heart. And I’ve mentioned it before, if you’re a control freak like me, it’s especially hard. Mothering definitely refines my selfish heart; it’s a constant dying to self. It reveals all my weak spots and reminds me how much I need to cling to Christ. Reading this book reminded me why it is I do what I do. Why we have 4 kids and didn’t just stop at 1. Children are such blessings and treasures!

In the book, Christine Hoover writes, “Let us choose to joyfully give of ourselves for our children. Everyday.” In another chapter, she says, “The home exists for Christ.” So many yes and amens to this. May God keep giving me a heart to live that out every single day. I’m certainly not mom enough, but Christ is enough, and that is what shapes my parenting.

Next book that’s coming up will be The Scars That Have Shaped Me by Vaneetha Risner.


September 4, 2018

These girls have such a fun imagination. On Monday morning, I came downstairs and they said, “We’re playing improv!” They put together costumes to match characters, and then they put on “improv” show when my parents came over. The next room was turned upside down as they filled it with props to use for their acts. Their show even had sound effects done through walkie talkies from another room, so it was their own version of surround sound. Their improv was a murder mystery, and I’m not sure where they got the idea, but it was very cute. Their sound effects were quite clever and the costumes imaginative. While my girls are all quite reserved,  they do have a love for performing, especially the older 3. If you saw them perform, you’d never guess they are extremely shy in real life. I can’t wait to see when they play “improv” again!

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