spring dreaming

March 23, 2009

I day dream about spring shoes, or maybe, I just daydream about shoes in general. Spring is finally here, though not sure if that says very much seeing that I live in southern California and the differentiation between seasons are not that great, but nevertheless color (or is it shoes?) is on my mind. I seriously want these…

I should have a sign that says, “Will work for shoes!” Now, if only those retailers would do a little trading, etsy-style… that would be a dream! Surely, some of them would want some clips or crowns.
To any secret admirers out there (okay, Ben), I love these things. Don’t forget I am a size 6, though I think the yellow shoes would fit me. I know, I know (Ben is rolling his eyes as he reads this), you have been more than generous lately. Just thought I would share… you never know.
Happy Monday everyone! 
p.s. care to trade anyone?!!

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