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May 21, 2009

Thursday is off to a good start as the newest issue of SMALL just went out. I am especially excited because my fabric necklaces were used in one of the fashion editorials in this issue.

cakies is summer SMALL

I love how the photographs are so artful. They are very visually appealing. The focus isn’t just on the kids and what they are wearing, but includes so much of the textured filled scenery. Lovely, just lovely. 
To see Cakies necklaces, look here, here, and here. Now, that the necklaces are back in my hands, I will need to list them in my shop soon, along with some other goodies. Stay tuned…
It is always such an honor to be in SMALL Magazine. Praise God! Despite the name, it is always a BIG deal in our house! Happy Thursday!!!

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