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May 22, 2009

Lately, I have been letting True try embroidery, rather, her version of it. She has been getting the concept a bit. She knows to push the needle through and pull it out the other side and repeat. Her thread getting tangled around the hoop is getting less and less, so I think she is getting better, for her age anyways. Definitely, a work in progress. She will get it, I know she will. 

True's embroidery in progress

It is kinda cute as we will sit side by side, each working on our own project. She has me help her when she wants to change threads or her needle gets stuck. After awhile though, I think she gets a little bored of me and goes downstairs to work next to Ben. Though, I think she just shows him her project and proceeds to sit by him while he works. She just loves her Papi. He is a papi-lar guy around these parts. I love him lots too, as I am sure I have said many times before.
I have some quiet time as Ben and True are off on a Papi-Truey date,  Brave is napping upstairs, and the house is silent. That is a rare thing around here. Wish me luck as I attempt to clean. Key word: attempt. I have a feeling much won’t get done. My house is a work in progress too, so we will see…
Happy long weekend all!!!

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  • katie says:

    I’m waiting on my first how-to embroidery kit in the mail… so True and I will be on the same page!!

  • I have very fond memories of embroidering while my mother sewed when I was little. My mom still has one I made her for Mother’s Day when I was 5, I think.

  • i love that she is learning how to embroider! what wonderful memories she is making..

    good luck with the cleaning 😀

  • Becky says:

    I know what you mean. I think when you have two girls, they are bound to both be daddy’s girls. I know mine are.

  • Daddy-daughter dates are so priceless! I love mine. Your girls will be incredibly creative when they grow up – or at least have the skills to be!

  • cara. says:

    loving your blog (just found it this week).
    awesome of you to get your girls crafting & all your handmade clothing! i am so envious!
    was inspired this week to go pick up some kelly green fabric, going to attempt a dress similar to an easy one i felt i could figure out from AA. if it works, i'll make sure to link your blog for ms. inspiration 2009.
    you seem awesome. (:

  • Rachel says:

    Such a sweet little embroidery project!

  • Adorable :o) What a great thing to learn/teach! Good luck with your cleaning, too. I've been trying to get some done myself… I'm moving next month, and I'm starting to clear & pack things away now. I know that if I wait any longer, It'll cause unnecessary stress. I hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your cakies & hubby!!

  • Jenny Lee says:

    Just dropping in Rubyellen to pass on a blog award to you, details can be found on my blog ( Hugs Jenny x

  • my mom taught me how to embroider when i was really young too. it was so much fun! good luck!

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