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November 6, 2009

This first week of November was definitely a fun one and November can only get better, especially since Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I love me some turkey and some pumpkin pie, well, I love pumpkin anything. Uh-oh! I feel a new craving coming on…
Also, I get to start off this month with my three new toys. I think one you already met, which is my Blackbird Fly (thanks to my Benny), and now meet Holga (thanks to my parents and baby sister) and mini Diana (thanks to my other sister). I can hardly wait to get to know them better.
my new friends
This plastic toy camera business can get pretty addicting. I love it!

And the winner of the happy unbirthday to you giveaway is…
Congratulations Lina!!! I hope you enjoy the camera! Polaroids are just the best! Thank you to everyone who entered and for all your lovely suggestions! I am still going through them to help me figure out what to eat. You all eat such gourmet food and I am happy to hear everyone is contently indulging in this season’s fruits and vegetables! Yum! Yum!
Be sure to come back tomorrow as I have a new sponsor to introduce, other than that, have a loveliest of weekends!!!
p.s. If you have entered in one of the previous sponsor giveaways, please check that post to see if you have won. Then, send me an email with your address. I still have prizes that have not been claimed! Oh and this coming week is my last week for the shop, but I will put up some new things next week. Though, after next Friday the only things that will remain the shop will be ready made items.

5 comments on “some introductions”

  • janis says:

    oh i want a holga so badly!

    that is such a cute picture of them – what a nice little group!!

    can't wait to see the ensuing pictures!


  • lina says:

    oh my! how exciting! it's so funny because i was reading & scrolling down your post & the first photo was cameras & the names of them above, so whe i came to the polaroid one i thought “oh wow she named her polaroid “lina” like me!” haha, ohh my that's a tad embarrassing : )
    anyways, thank you!!! i shall email you my address shortly.
    may you & your family have a fantastic weekend!

  • jem jemmy says:

    i so want a holga!!

  • kELLO! says:

    i just got a holga and i'm loving it 🙂
    you need a fisheye, too! that's my newest toy camera!

  • nathalie says:

    which polaroid did benny get you a while back? i have been searching for one!

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