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November 7, 2009

Please welcome my newest sponsor… Sonny Boutique.

Sonny Boutique is “inspired by old world charm and modern practicality.” It is a quaint online shop opened by Rene Sbrocco as she offers a variety of simple, but unique items for babies, children, and even moms. What caught my eye and immediately peeked my interest was the little section of vintage treasures. I love vintage finds for children and this little shop has a nice little collection, but the whole shop is just lovely. I suggest you take a stroll through the shop as I am sure you will find something there you absolutely love and must have!
Cakies readers will also receive 20% off your order, just use coupon code sonny20. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner, so don’t want until last minute to snatch up some gifts and Sonny Boutique has many good choices!
Thank you so much Sonny Boutique!!! 

sonny boutique website

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