polaroid tuesday: week twenty-four

June 29, 2010

week twenty-four
Our nice collection of vintage baby shoes. No matter what age, a girl will always love her shoes.
Some tidbits…
1. Yesterday, the biggest problem in our house was deciding what outdoor umbrella to buy… this cool one (don’t worry I found it for a lower price) or something simpler? Um… help! Let me know what you think.
2. I am really nervous about renegade and am thinking of backing out because I don’t know if I have time to make all I want to make. Do I need to have a lot of stuff?
3. I think I forgot to post the polaroid for last week. I will need to do that today.
4. My sister is having a fantabulous artist feature everyday this week. You must check it out!
5. We still don’t know what umbrella to get and it is giving me a headache.
6. When I was little, my mom told me that if I don’t wear socks around the house I would get lots of veins on my feet. I think that is why I have a lot of veins on my feet!
7. I can’t think of anything more, but I hate ending this list at 7. I feel like it should go to 10.
8. Sorry if this post is kind of random. That is how I feel today. Umbrella online shopping can do that to you!
Thanks folks for putting up with me! xoxo

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