November 4, 2010

I had such a good time celebrating my birthday yesterday. It was a really sweet and low key day. The birthday gifting actually started on Tuesday, when Ben and the girls surprised me with a little package. It was one of the vintage dresses on my etsy wishlist. Ben was smart and gave it to me one day early, just in case I needed to do some alterations and give time to wash it. Then Tuesday night, I went out with my family for a nice birthday dinner.
birthday presents
Wednesday morning, I woke up to a nice breakfast in bed. Ben made me some yummy pumpkin french toasts and the girls handed me another present, which were the diana lenses and nikon adapter that would allow me to use diana plastic lenses with my SLR. Way cool, right?
my birthday breakfastbirthday present
After breakfast and a bit of morning lounging, we all get dressed to go into the city. Ben told me he originally planned to do a trip out of town for the two of us (and Soul), but we didn’t have babysitters, so that trip is postponed for another weekend (I can’t wait!) Therefore, plan B was to go to L.A. to try the Nom Nom food truck. We watched The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network, so I had been bugging Ben to go and try out the Nom Nom truck and thus the day was finally here! The girls were equally excited as they love watching The Food Network and were all about the food truck race too. Sometimes, they even throw fits if we don’t let them watch The Food Network!
my birthday outingmy birthday outingmy birthday outingmy birthday outing
Their Banh Mi was delightful and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. Definitely would eat from them again! After our little lunch, Ben took me to Flounce, so I could do some vintage shopping. I love that store! Everything is so pretty, but most things also come with a pretty price tag. I did end up getting a dress on their sale rack and just have to do some bit of chopping and sewing to get it to fit me, but the color and details of it is just perfect. There was another dress there that I loved and fit me perfectly (it was on the sale rack too), but it was made of wool. When was I ever going to wear a wool dress in southern California? After all, yesterday, which is supposed to be the middle of Autumn was 100 degrees! That is just crazy and not fun!
The girls had fun too because they found a little market and bought a fennel. They know all about fennel because that is the most recent vegetable Ben developed lesson plans for (he makes nutrition lesson plans for a local school district). After our little bit of hunting, we fought traffic to my parents’ house, so we could drop off the girls so Ben and I could go on a date. One of my requests was to go out for a fancy dinner for my birthday, but since we would be going out of town, we decided to wait on the fancy and just do a simple dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant.
my birthday outingmy birthday outingmy birthday outingdinner date with bendinner date with ben
I had a lovely day spending it with my little family. It is always so much fun just being together, even if half the time in the car there was yelling between the two older girls, and us yelling at them to stop fighting. Crazy times still mean good times, right?
I was blessed also by my family who spoiled me with a plethora of things from my wishlist (thanks mom & dad, and seesters! i love it all!) and friends (that includes you!) who called, texted, emailed, facebooked, commented wishing me a happy day. It was definitely happy indeed and all this only possible by God’s grace. God really is so good to me, even though I am so undeserving.
I’m 29 now, that means the official countdown until my 30th birthday has begun… huzzah!
Just cause I know some of you will ask, here is the outfit breakdown…
on Soul:
shirt: misha lulu
skirt: forever 21 baby (it was True’s)
on Brave:
shirt, old target shirt (it was True’s)
dress: vintage
shoes: vintage from orange twine
(her fall-ebration present)
on True:
dress: vintage
necklace: made by true
socks: target
boots: vintage from rogue retro
(her fall-ebration present)
on me:
dress: vintage from golden fur vintage
boots: kohls bought by my mom
(yes, she still buys me things just because)
belt: thrifted
carpet bag: vintage from owl vintage.
p.s. I am totally in love with True’s boots. I want a pair of my own and am really liking these. I am not into the matching with my daughter thing, but for these boots, I think I would make an exception!

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