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May 5, 2011

We have got a mole *vole (or maybe a mole or both!) in our garden.
Last week, as I was watering, I would notice little mounds of dirt on top of the mulch and I just thought the girls either dumped dirt there or I forgot to cover that spot with mulch. Then, I noticed more every few days and so I told Ben.
We now have about 6 plants gone, two of which were my favorite poppy plants, so we really gotta get this thing before it devastates the rest of the garden. We know it is just after the grubs in the dirt, but in the process the little dude scratches out the roots and then the plant just dies. Plus, this is all happening in my favorite corner of the garden!
we got a mole in our gardenwe got a mole in our gardenwe got a mole in our garden
We have flattened out the mounds to see where the mounds will reappear tomorrow. We are gonna try to get this little dude out. Dead or alive. Sorry PETA!
Anyone have any tips on how to deal with this kind of pest in the garden? We are trying to avoid using any chemicals. Remember when we had those grubs filling our soil? Now, we got moles. If it isn’t one thing, it is another. I wonder what God is trying to teach us through this?! But if you got tips, please do help!!!
* I saw the little dude today and it isn’t a mole, but a VOLE!!! I think. Keep the suggestions coming…

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  • HAHAHAHAHA this is so funny. i have to tell andrew. the mole-beast has entered the garden! 🙂

  • Living in England, we get a LOT of moles. I feel like I need that justification before I tell you: mole traps. You stick them on top of the molehills and when they come up it gets them like a bear trap…and unfortunately they die. But hey, no more garden-wrecking! Good luck with this!

  • Natalie says:

    Hello, I have to say that I think God is trying to teach you patience, acceptance and understanding that not all of this earth belongs to us. I wouldn't dream of killing a mole just because it was pulling up flowers or veg – and let me say I've been in the same position, except I have an allotment which my family relies on for food!
    So you see, all of His creatures have a right to be on the earth.

  • I have a Mole issue too! Pesky little creature. I was just told by a good friend the best natural solution…DOGS!! I am looking to “borrow” one 😉

  • Meredith says:

    I'm not sure how to get rid of grubs besides chemicals, but my parents used to get rid of moles by putting chewed up gum (just enough so it was softened)at the opening of the mole holes. I guess they try to eat it then they die? Not quite sure, but you could try!

  • Mama Llama says:

    My grandma puts those whirly-gig things in her garden to drive them away. She's been gardening for EVER, and she swears they work. Something about the vibrations make them go away. I'd say it's worth a shot to try something chemical-free and non-violent.

  • Amy says:

    My boys could take care of those pesky critters for you…….redneck/country style! LOL

  • Miss Penny says:

    This sounds more like voles!!! Are you sure that it's a mole and not voles? Moles are really rare and they usually don't destroy/eat plants/roots.- They are helpful by eating insects! If it really is a mole and you want to get rid off it you could just water the mounds with buttermilk (don't laugh- they just don't like it) – it really needs to soak in! They also don't like any kind of mint. So soaking with anything containing mint should work as well. -But this doesn't work for voles;-( Good luck!

  • Elizabeth says:

    You can get a havahart trap…most hardware stores sell them….
    they are easy to set up…you trap the little cutie and then relocate him…
    but I would think where there is one mole there are 2, 3, 4..or an unlimited supply..it is the outside..

    Also, I've heard taking dog or cat fur and putting it around the area..the smell distracts the little guys…

  • Roseanna says:

    What about one of these humane mole repellants – http://www.primrose-london.co.uk/mole-repellent-c-104.html – that way you get rid of Mr Mole without having to hurt him or feel bad, they must have these in your neck of the woods too i would have thought 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    Just have to leave a comment to say I agree 100% with Natalie, and through just a few comments many humane options have been given to you to get rid of the mole. The mole is just doing mole things, what moles are meant to do. Not posing a threat to anyone other than your poppies. I don't think it deserves to die for that.

  • rebekah. says:

    When my friend had moles in her garden she poured (used) kitty litter into their holes, and the ammonia in it sends them away. Plus the litter is safe for your garden and for your kids. And it is humane!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Are they like gophers making tunnels all over? We used to fill the gopher hole or holes with water from the hose and then wait to see where it would come out and…excuse this…whack it with a shovel.

    Hope you get it before it gets any more plants!


  • shannahmarie says:

    I'd like to second the little windmill things–the other commenter called them “whirligigs.” My stepfather is a professional farmer who prefers organic methods. This is what he uses. I don't know how useful they really are, but here's a link, in case you're interested: http://www.gardeners.com/Mole-Chaser/30-833,default,pd.html .

  • They probably sell them here too, but I know that in Holland you can buy these 'mirrors' that you stick in the ground where their tunnels are. They will run into it and most likely not survive the bang. Sounds so mean but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  • Laura says:

    We've had some moles (not voles) in our yard this year. Our cat has killed two, so you could get a cat! I have considered myself so lucky to have them. I don't know why. I just love the idea of them having a little world right beneath my feet. I think they are quite fascinating.

  • Diana says:

    A few springs ago we discovered quite a mess of voles in our covered sprinkler control box. It's a bit underground, so a great den for them until we uncovered it. Because we have lots of neighborhood pets, we didn't want to use chemicals. I believe we sent them packing, although probably only to the neighbors bushes with a vegetable oil and water solution, They burrow through the grasses and their tunneling is most visible in the spring after the snow melts. I was glad to be rid of them, although I'm sure they will be back. It's been too cold to get into the yard yet…

  • Linda Park says:

    wth is a vole?! mole's cousin?

  • Eileen says:

    I really, really hope you choose a more humane way of killing a living creature because… they're eating your flowers. How convenient… something annoys us, kill it! They were here first, and they'll be here long after we're gone.

  • Rubyellen says:

    we are contemplating all your suggestions, so thank you all!

  • debi says:

    ooh, bummer we've had similar problems for years – and nothing has worked 🙁 we've tried everything – the only solution has been raised beds with small gauge mesh/hardware cloth that they can't get through… but my lawn is pretty much swiss cheese. sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and good luck.

  • Jen and Dave says:

    Hose into the hole. It either runs away, or…not.

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