vintage here, vintage there: sunny days ahead

May 4, 2011

vintage here, vintage there
Days are brighter and warmer, though I will still wear an occasional sweater or jacket for chilly mornings (or just to cover up and be a little more modest). These are pictures from a little trip we took a few weeks ago to an antique shop to check out some vintage bird baths. Unfortunately for me, that is still on the shopping list as we haven’t found the right one in the right price. I will tell you that I have found the right one, but it was a few hundred dollars over our budget, though it was the prettiest vintage bird bath I had ever laid eyes on.
vintage here, vintage there
One convenient and fun thing about having three girls, is that all the clothes just get passed down. Now Brave is wearing the clothes True wore last year and the same with Soul. It is so cute seeing the recycling that goes on between the sisters. Lucky True always gets first dibs at the new stuff cause she is the one that needs new sizes first, but good thing they pretty much wear vintage so the stuff they wear has already been broken in by somebody else!
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
The girls are really so close. Sometimes they are at each other’s throats, but the love continues on again a few moments later. They have already decided names for babycakies 4. If it is a boy, Diego, but if it is a girl, Zooey Deschanel. Hmm, we will see about that. I can’t wait to see this fourth one get thrown into the mix and play with his/her older siblings!
vintage here, vintage there
I am wearing a loose shirt, but rest assured the baby belly is there! You saw it last week. People are always surprised to find out that I am only half way through my pregnancy and insist I must be further along. I am short, so when my belly pops, it pops and this is my fourth child in 6 years, so my body has no problem stretching itself out!
vintage here, vintage there
This vintage locket was on my Christmas wish list and I had thought it sold before Ben could see my list, but he is sneaky and was the one that snatched it up. I love him!
If you want to wear vintage, but feel timid on how to go about it full out, just start small. You don’t even have to wear it head to toe. For example, the only vintage I am wearing here is my locket and my tapestry bag. Wearing vintage with this baby bump has been slightly more difficult these days. The only thing I am in the mood to wear are wide leg trousers (these are ones are made by me) and maxi skirts, thus I just went to the thrift store and thrifted a whole bunch. It is a better deal to buy them for $3 each at the thrift than for way more at a new store. Plus, everything urban outfitters sells now looks like it came from the thrift store, so thrifting is definitely the way to go! My favorite maxi skirts out there are the brightly colored ones from Zara, but I have a feeling I can buy some bright colored fabric and recreate the skirts myself. It is on my ever growing project list.
on me: pants, handmade by me. shirt, anthropologie. jacket, anthropologie. initial necklace, gifted from BFF. locket, vintage. shoes, seychelles.
on true: dress, siaomimi via hijkids. moccasins, minnetonka moccasins.
on brave: dress, vintage. shoes, salt water sandals.
on soul: dress, vintage.
some other vintage lockets I am coveting: rising sun, deer fawn, silver bunny, floral victorian, sweet faces, simple engraved
Over thereRachel is making me want to wear a dress cause she looks just too darn cute in her vintage one, but I know that dress on me wouldn’t look quite right. I will have to stick with skirts for now, until I can figure out how to do the dress thing again. Her pictures also look perfectly springy and cozy that it makes me wonder what it might be like if I lived in Missouri. Oh boy! I would have the best thrifting loot for sure!
What have you been in the mood to wear lately? I need ideas. This belly has really gotten me stuck.

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