October 6, 2011

One of my favorite baby things is the moses basket. It has come in handy with every child and its simplicity is stunning. Our basket had pink toile fabric and I really wanted to change it and I finally got around to it. It was the easiest thing to sew as I just sewed up a pillowcase shape for the cushion and it did the job. Now the basket has some pretty blue stripes and by the looks of it, Glow seems to approve of the little change.
in her basketin her basketin her basketin her basket
Yesterday, was a day when some things got done. I got to sew for five minutes, we worked on reading and writing, there was lots of laying in bed, cuddling, and watching some movies, but maybe there was not so much math. Maybe today we will bake some cookies and the measuring will make up for it. It helped that Ben worked half day so he could take the two middles to the doctor for their physicals in the morning (it was him tweeting this picture). We also had lots of rain and I hope there are many more rainy days to come. A rainy day spent in bed watching movies is definitely a good day.

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