chillin’ in a minivan

November 15, 2012

“This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Chrysler. All opinions are 100% mine.”

chillin' in a minivanchillin' in a minivanchillin' in a minivanchillin' in a minivanchillin' in a minivanErika commented last week that if “the reason you don’t want a minivan is because of pride, then that’s a bad reason.” I was thinking about that statement and that’s true. Too much pride or thinking you’re above something is not a good thing. That goes for anything, not just minivans. Now, I’m not entirely sold that we’re ready to be a minivan family just yet (main reason we wouldn’t get another car is because we don’t want car payments and I really do love my current car a whole lot!), but it’s good to check my reasons why I would be opposed.

Now borrowing the Town & Country from Chrysler and their “Test of Ownership” program has been nice. Despite feeling older in the minivan, I feel a lot more elbow room too. It’s so much easier getting the kids in and out of the car compared to our mid-sized SUV and that key-less feature is genius! Our current car is key-less and was glad to see that the minivan was too. I am fantastic at losing my keys in my messy purse, but key-less eliminates the digging and as long my keys are somewhere in my purse, I walk up to the car, press a button on the handle, voila! it unlocks, go in the car, with my foot on the break and press the start button. It’s a feature that I think makes moms’ (or for someone who likes to lose their keys in their messy purse like me) lives easier!

Every week, the two big girls have ballet and usually Soul, Glow, and I walk around the shopping center, grab a snack (it falls within snack time) at the new bakery, walk over to the coffee shop to sit down and have a snack together. This past week, it was raining and we couldn’t indulge in our weekly ritual. I did drive over and get some snacks from the bakery, then we parked and snacked and hung out in the car. The two babies roamed around because there was room for them to do so. They’re teeny and the car is spacious, so that was nice. It was just an hour that we were chillin’ in the minivan, but Soulie was fully enjoying herself. Well, she had a little bit of sugar, got to sit in the driver’s seat and “pretend” she was driving, what 2 year old wouldn’t enjoy themselves?! We’ve got dance class again this afternoon, but the forecast is sunny, so we’ll probably be back to walking around outside.

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  • Colleen says:

    Thanks for this post. I do drive a minivan and it doesn’t make me feel old at all. It just made the most sense when we needed a new car. With three under and three and the hope of having more in the future, it seemed to be the best choice out there. I was a little put off when, in your last minivan post, you judged them (and therefore those who drive them) so harshly. It made me feel like I should have something to be ashamed of….. and I don’t! It really is just a car afterall. Our possessions do not define who we are.

    Thanks for thinking about it some more. This is one of the main reasons I love reading your blog so much! You are so real and honest. Thank you!

    • mycakies says:

      Thank you Colleen for your honesty. I don’t think you have anything to be ashamed of at all! And you are so right, it is just a car and possessions should never define who we are or be something we put our affections on. I do love the extra space that comes with a van! I know for me personally I have a lot of pride issues when it comes to things, or judgements that I make that I shouldn’t, and I (and I am sure everyone else) must do heart checks often to make sure we aren’t thinking of ourselves highly above another because of a certain preference. I’m so glad you were open enough to let me know how you feel, I appreciate your honesty too and how you politely corrected me on how I can reevaluate my own reasoning.

  • Bethany says:

    Ha! I drive a minivan too, but I wasn’t exactly hurt by your statement. There was a time when I was right there with you. But somewhere along the way (when number three arrived and the car seats were super difficult to get across the backseat of our small SUV), I realized just how silly I was being. A minivan was what we needed to fit our growing family. My thoughts on your statements were more like “you can’t stick everyone into your SUV like that forever, they will outgrow it.” and “she’ll come to love the minivan in time.” Anyway, we didn’t want to have car payments either. So, we sold the SUV and bought a used minivan at the same price. But if Chrysler was smart, they’d make arrangements with you to do a commercial with your super cute family in exchange for the one you’re driving now.

  • Jen says:

    I keep putting off getting a minivan because it just doesn’t feel like my style, but I totally don’t judge those who do have them! in fact I wish I was like my mom friends and loved minivans because they seem so nice! for some reason it just doesn’t feel like “me”… that’s kind of what I got out of your last post too! but it’s true we all need to do heart checks from time to time 🙂

    • rubyellen says:

      Jen- That’s totally a good way to describe it! It doesn’t feel like my style. Maybe because I am so short and it feels so massive. The extra space is nice, but I like small cars. My first car was teeny, so maybe that’s what it is.

  • valeria says:

    what a gorgeous family! i love your pictures…. merry christmas v.

  • Thank for your post. This family is so happy

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