November 4, 2012

snack timeThe girls love snack time. It’s at 3:30 everyday. Most days, we just have some fruit or crackers, but on other occasions, we will have something a little special. This particular day we had to pick up some snacks from the Mexican market for True’s Spanish class, so we also picked a little pretty somethings for ourselves. Though we picked it up in the morning, they know they aren’t allowed to eat it until snack time, so you can bet they were counting down. In fact, I was too since I got a little something for myself. I think another trip to the Mexican market must happen again soon. The best thing about having a set time is that the kids know meal times is their time to eat, there isn’t constant snacking all day long because they get a snack time once a day (and this helps when we are out and about because I don’t really need to bring food to occupy them, unless it is a meal time, then of course we eat). Routines and schedules work for us and our snack times are planned into our days.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Glow is pretty much walking like crazy now. She is taking much longer trips on her legs! I’m not sure I’m ready for this yet. Eek!

Soul had no accidents this week. That is definitely something to be thankful about!

These chairs are pretty amazing!

Making this little pom pom arrangement!

I think this would be make a great farmer’s market/library book bag!

I love this food blog! So quirky and creative!!!

Praising God for giving me another year! My tally is at 31 and my heart is quite full (and so is my belly). My motto is calories don’t count when it’s your birthday. Don’t you agree?!

Monday’s back again in a few hours and the election is just two days away. Crazy! Then, Thanksgiving is in two and a half weeks… oh my! Seriously, can you believe that it’s already November?! I can’t!

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  • Christine says:

    one daily snack, such a good you use any particular book for parenting/discipline/routine ideas? I love all your parenting posts and wondering where you get your ideas?

    • mycakies says:

      I actually don’t. I majored in Child and Adolescent Development in college and that really help form a lot of ideas about how to raise my own children and I also just go along with gut. I am by no means a perfect parents, but I am doing the best that i am able to and with what works best for the different personalities in our family. Now, I have never really used any book, but when I did read Bringing Up Bebe, that really resonated well with me, though I am not French, their structure is so similar to many of our own rules and ideas of parenting. It’s a good read, though I agree with many aspects in that book, that way is not the only way to parent. I am a Christian and my faith and the Bible also helps shape a lot of my parenting ideas. There are so many ideas and philosophies out there, that we all take what is best for us and our children and implement them.

      • Christine says:

        I read bringing up bebe after you recommended it about a year ago or so lol. loved it too. it would be so awesome if you could do a post (or refer to it if you have already) that talks about how your faith informs your parenting?

      • Sarah W says:

        I wondered if the “one snack a day” came from Bringing Up Bebe. I love that book! I am still working at implementing that with my own daughter but I do feel like it makes sense and would be best. Your balance in parenting is an inspiration to me. 🙂

        • mycakies says:

          We were already down to one snack time a day and when I read that book. I really enjoyed reading it so much because it implements some of my personal parenting philosophies and routines. It seems to be structure based, but also based on instinct. I think that’s how we do most thing in our home.

  • Georgette says:

    Mmmm nothings better than pan dulce! I was getting so homesick for San Antonio and those adorable pink conchas that I started making pan dulce charms:) You are the coolest family ever:)

  • Christina C says:

    I have entertained the idea of one snack time but I have a feeling it would make for a crancky kiddo, how did you start this and do you bend the rules if your kids are growing or just seem more hungry than normal?

    • mycakies says:

      You know your child best, so if it’s something you don’t think would work, don’t sweat it. I don’t think it’s wrong if you allow for more snacking, it probably just works better for you. Remember, every parent (and child) is different. We started this when True and Brave were 3 & 4. They have always known meal times are times to eat. It’s their job to moderate how much they eat and it’s our job to provide a balanced meal. If they have eaten a well balanced meal at meal time, I really haven’t noticed any crankiness with hunger. It typically isn’t a problem we encounter. Now for Glow, she tends to eat more when we’re out and about. She still needs extra snacking time and since we aren’t home, her schedule really gets thrown off if she doesn’t get her proper nap. Of course there are rule bendings when on vacation or if we’re out all day long, but for the most part, we kind of stick with it.

      • Christina C says:

        I could totally see if working for us once she is 3-4, we will for sure give it a go. Thank you for your feedback always nice to hear another mama’s opinion and thoughts 🙂

  • Ana says:

    If those were the snacks at my house, I’d be counting down to 3:30 too!

  • Monica N says:

    Oh how I love Mexican sweet bread! Such a bummer that I can no longer eat it as a vegan : ( In case you are ever in the mood to give something a try on your own, I actually created a version of my own for a pineapple sweet bread with this kind of sweetness in mind. Might make for a good opportunity to get the girls in the kitchen too.

    And having a designated snack time is pretty genius, perhaps it would keep me on snacking schedule too! Will have to keep this one in the back of my mind for when my little lady gets big enough.

  • Jen says:

    Those look yummy! Our kids look forward to afternoon snack too! We used to do a morning snack when they were little but they seemed to not need it so we cut it out. I’ve never had to carry snacks in my bag when we’re out either and that is nice. Everyone gets grumpy if we get off our routine! 🙂

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