her volcano

November 19, 2012

volcanoes!volcanoes!volcanoes!volcanoes!volcanoes!volcanoes!volcanoes!At True’s one day a week enrichment classes they have been studying the Earth, its layers, and how the Earth moves. This week, True came home with a little volcano that she made and some instructions. She had been wanting to show us how it works, but we never got to it until Saturday morning. I started it off and then Ben stepped in and went town with it by pouring on the vinegar! The girls were laughing and giggling because he would put his hand on top and shake it up and it would squirt out like crazy. The girls were being really silly and cute! Soulie watched from the sidelines, but she didn’t really want to get too involved.

I remember I once made a volcano for a science project to share at school, but I made mine with sand built around the bottle. I did my presentation in front of the class and when the volcano erupted, all the sand ran down the sides along with the liquid to the edges of the box, and it left my bottle exposed. I remember feeling embarrassed that the sand didn’t stay up. I wasn’t a big fan or science growing up, but I hope my girls have a love for it.

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