early hearts and hooves day

February 8, 2013

early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!early hearts and hooves day!Obviously, Ben has a soft spot for his girls. He has 4 little princesses after all. He isn’t one of those dads that tend to spoil his girls like crazy, but he does like to indulge in giving them a special treat once in awhile, and usually those little treats involve My Little Pony. He worked late one night, then made a stop at Target to get a few necessities, and I notice this big bag with a box that was obviously not a necessity. I gave him this look, but then he told me it was for Valentine’s Day, which I thought was cool and saved me from having to figure something out.

Next thing you know, two days later, he’s telling them once they get all their responsibilities done, they have a surprise. He tells them it’s an “Early Hearts and Hooves Day,” which is what they call Valentine’s Day on the show. I just kind of did an internal giggle. My dude could not wait to give them their present, especially when it involves the ponies. He wrapped it up just like how the girls wrap up presents for us, in a blanket, and all four (well, more like three) girls were anxiously waiting in their room. When their surprise was revealed, their faces showed absolute elation. They got the My Little Pony castle and they pretty much have been playing with it everyday since. They can spend hours playing with their ponies. It’s pretty amazing how long they can play with them. Naturally, there has been fighting here and there because kids still need to learn how to share, but for the most part, they play together. I totally loved seeing the girls get excited, but I especially loved seeing how giddy Ben got to give them their present. He totally loves all his girls!

Are your kids My Little Pony fans? They love all the cartoons and Ben loves watching it with them. It’s a pretty clever show from what I hear.

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  • Wow ! The funny part here, is that my son has wanted to watch everyday My little Pony show since they were posted on Netflix Canada. He doesn’t care about playing with his sister ponies, but likes the show. My daugher likes the figurines, but I think I am still the biggest Pony fan here. I was a fan when I was a kid. Now I totally want to find the unicorn Prince. I tought, that the did not do the guys pony figurine. You always need a prince around to save you from any danger : ) !
    Have a nice weekend !

  • Sharyl says:

    awww that is the cutest thing!
    I have to look into that My Little Pony, because Dora is getting kind of annoying. lol! we have 18 episodes saved in our DVR for when the girls are over. Where do you watch My Little Pony?

  • Danzel B. says:

    That is just darling. My girls have my old My Little Pony toys, and some DVDs of the old show. It took them a while to warm up to Friendship is Magic, but now they LOVE it. We no longer have cable (The Hub), but we do have Netflix. Currently, though, if their Daddy surprises them with toys, it’s always Littlest Pet Shop.

  • val says:

    Thats just so sweet! 🙂

  • Oh my STARS this is the cutest thing ever! What a darling story! My daughter looooooves My Little Pony and recently watched the ENTIRE season of the show on Netflix, over the course of a month or so.

  • su-per-cute post again! well you can enjoy the weekend and your cakies will play sweet i guess. when my daughter pippa was younger she liked the pony toys too and i didn’t get why? like the baskets on the wall. cool idea 🙂 cheers!

  • Crystal says:

    Bean is CRAZY about her ponies. Her little brother is only 7 months old so not interested but I swear she could play for hours all by herself. I remember playing with them when I was a kid too. I love hearing the stories she makes up for them. It’s a great way to keep her occupied while I’m busy with the baby.

  • Keri-Anne says:

    This post made my heart swell. What a lovely daddy Ben is x

  • katie says:

    my girls, especially my 6 year old, is a HUGE My Little Pony fan! She has them all and plays and watches the show every chance she can get. I love buying her new ponies just so I can see her eyes light up! In fact, we are watching the show as I write this! what a coincidence

  • Liz says:

    Too Cute! Ben’s a Brony!!

  • Tabitha says:

    Oooh what a wonderful post! It touched my heart. The girls look so excited. But Ben does too! And the fact that he couldn’t wait until Valentine’s day… that is so telling! How wonderful it is to give something to the one(s) you love and knowing that they will really, really like it! Yes, it is true, giving is as good (maybe even better) than getting presence yourself, it is dubble pleasure!

  • That particular My Little Pony wedding castle set must attract daddies everywhere, because my husband bought it for our daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago! I gave him a side-eye when he picked it up, but he was like, “She’ll love it! I have to!”

  • Lita says:

    my daughter, Audrey, is a HUGE My Little Pony fan!
    she’s got each of the figurine toys: Rainbow Dash…FlutterShy…PinkyPie…etc etc…
    so fun!

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