February 9, 2013

our first radish

And just like that, it’s back to being cold again. Well, California cold, which is probably unlike the snowstorms some of you are experiencing right now. We did get to spend some time in the yard this week. We pulled weeds, harvested our first radish, and enjoyed salad from our own giant bag of greens. Ben’s also been off since Wednesday, so everyday sort of feels like Saturday, but we’ve been working on a few projects and trying to get rid of a cold that there really hasn’t left us with a lot of relaxing time.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

True and Brave actually were pretty on point with math lessons this week.

Glow is becoming a little shrieker sometimes.

Soul likes to cry in the middle of the night, which then leads her to sleep in our room.

Love these V-day ideas rounded up on Adored Vintage.

How cute is this cake for love day?

Say hello to this new sponsor and her simply designed blog.

I’d love a tattoo. A big one on my shoulder and down my arm, but Ben isn’t into it. Also, I can’t think of something that I would love enough to have permanently fixed on my body and they can be quite costly. I may have to just try one of these out just for fun when I get that ink itch. This one is sweet and pretty much encapsulates what I’ve been feeling of late.

I’ve been working on something that has kept me on the computer these past few days, so I’ve been watching Nikita on Netflix. At first I thought it was totally cheesy, just based on the commercials, but after giving it a chance, I really like it! There’s a whole lot of action, a little bit of romance, and I love how the cast of characters all relate to one another. I would recommend giving it a shot if you like spy, action stories. I hope it comes back for a fourth season.

Thankful for this reminder of parenting advice shared with us by PJ (our pastor).

Thankful for my husband who I like to kiss all day long. Seriously. I’m addicted and can’t stop!

Now, it’s really Saturday and my to-do list is still so long. Do those ever really go away though? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Even if your to-do list is long, or you are going through some really unimaginably difficult times right now, just leave it all up to God. We can’t really change our situations, but we can change how we react to the circumstances we’re in. Let’s find the beauty in it and celebrate it. Some seasons are harder than others, but there is still joy to be had in every season. Let’s find the joy friends!

2 comments on “huzzah!”

  • leah says:

    what an adorable little radish!

    i have been dying to try out the tattly temporaries. I am in the same boat with you on tattoos – i would like one, but my husband isn’t very into them. i have seen some really pretty white ink tattoos on pinterest that are barely noticeable on light skin (but would probably look amazing under a black light).

    i always love the things you share – happy saturday!

  • I had wanted to see Nikita just because I haven’t seen Devon Sawa act in forever, since SLC Punk.
    That is so sad about Soul crying in the middle of the night. My younger son still does that from time to time, but only because he wants to go to the bathroom or is thirsty. He did it long ago too because he did not like being wet, but we didn’t know it. Perhaps that is part of it for Soul?

    It is good for your husband to want to like the tattoo you get since he’ll probably look at you more than you look at yourself. hehe. I had a dream about a tattoo I wanted for a while but think I’m done with the one I got, which I wish I never got, but I can only move forward and not go back in my decision in getting it. I got it when married for about a year or two only too (I’ve been married almost 9 years now), so it isn’t too long ago. Oh well. I wish my husband would get more because he always gets scriptures or ideas involving scriptures to put on himself, but he only has two smaller ones. They are expensive though. Much better to just provide for the family instead (which is why we’re probably done getting them too).

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