May 11, 2013

our glow wormThis littlest love is so sweet. This weekend is all about celebrating mamas and as crazy as I feel sometimes, I’m so thankful to be a mama. I’m also thankful to be blessed with my wonderful mom and mother-in-law who I have learned lots from. They are both full of so much love and wisdom and I’m thankful for the influence they have had in my life!

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Glow has officially moved out of her infant car seat into a convertible one. After using the same car seat for all 4 girls, that thing is getting kicked to the curb. It’s kind of a sad moment.

True has moved up into a booster seat, hence why Glow gets the new car seat.

I think the girls have learned that I mean business when I say something.

Brave is ready to graduate to the next level of swim class. YAY!

6.5ers these nude sandals are sweet for only $18 and 7.5ers these sandals are cute and only $13!

I love all the well curated kid items from Salvage Life! My girls would love it all!

Thankful for my girls who still excited about Mother’s Day even though my crazy mom moments should probably exempt me from the holiday.

Thankful for being able to talk about God, Christ, and forgiveness with them and how excited they got to hear my pray.

I’m thankful for the weekend. We get to catch up on projects, go on another adventure (trying to do more with the kids), gather with church family, and then celebrate the mothers in our lives. I’m kind of excited about my breakfast in bed tomorrow morning! Hope you mamas out there have the happiest day on Sunday!!! xoxo

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