8 years later

July 9, 2013

mi familia8mi familiami familia8 years ago today, Ben and I became a family, and with every passing year, our family just kept on growing.

I remember that morning quite vividly…

I woke up in my bedroom at my parents’ house and everyone was still sleeping. The reception was going to be in my mom and dad’s backyard, so it was already partially set up for the festivities. I walked outside and was in awe at all the beautiful flowers that were already displayed. I was so excited, but everyone was still sleeping, so I went upstairs, busted into my parents’ bedroom, and yelled, “I’m getting married today!!!” I woke them all up so they could share in my giddiness. I had so much joy and was totally ready to be Ben’s wife!

I love being married to you Ben Bratcher! Happy anniversary!!!

on the girls:ย clothes, misha luluย (except brave’s skirt is from american apparel). shoes, mix of thrifted, gap kids, and salt-waters. on me: top and skirt, thrifted. braided clogs, c/o lotta from stockholm.

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