July 27, 2013

taos, nmWe had a wonderful family vacation and it has taken me a few days to unpack, clean, and finish all the dirty laundry, but it’s done. Whew! Our time in New Mexico was completely amazing! We’re so thankful for the peace, nature, and all the family time we had together (with Ben’s mom and sister too!). It was just such a special time for all of us for many reasons. I will share more about it soon!

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Glow cannot sleep on a long drive whatsoever! The long car rides were toughest on her.

True finished reading The Little Women all by herself. I’m always so impressed with her tenacity for reading. She reads about one (chapter) book a week!

We’re dreaming of our own cabin someday and our whole family loves hiking. We found a new family hobby!

We brought a bit of New Mexico with us as SoCal has had 3 random rainy/gloomy days. I’m liking this year’s summer.

I swear I think I’m losing hair and so in an attempt to prevent more breakage (and face wrinkles), I’m trying out silk pillowcases. Not sure if it’s working, but it feels so nice! It doesn’t really go with the style of my bedroom, especially since I picked a pink, silk pillowcase, but I think I’m loving it so far.

Our faucet came in and now I just need to pick a darn sink. I just can’t decide between stainless or cast iron enamel, but I am leaning towards one now after some advice some gave on instagram yesterday. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Cute vintage wooden sandals for a size 7!

I’m happy it’s the weekend because an extra set of hands really makes handling 4 girls much easier. We have a birthday party to go to and Misha Lulu’s art show. I was a bit late, but I announced the Lisa Leonard winners here and here. Enjoy the weekend friends!

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  • New Mexico! One of my favorite places that I’ve visited!! I don’t know how So Cal is because I’ve never visited but have you seen the night sky of New Mexico? It’s like jewels were sprinkled everywhere in the sky! So corny… I know… but the night sky there is one thing I could never forget.

  • Robin says:

    I would LOVE to have to you a blog post about where you went. I’m planning a trip to Taos with my family, and know nothing about the area

  • Beautiful photo! It’s my dream to own a cabin one day as well. I don’t think there’s anything more refreshing and rejuvenating than taking a vacation in the middle of nature.

    ♡ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  • True read that huge book by herself?!?!?! That’s really amazing that she read that at her age!!! I only read that two years ago myself and don’t think I would have understood it back then. I’m impressed though!!! I think it is wonderful that she reads so much!!! I have to tell my son read each day or he won’t do it on his own, but he knows it is important and he likes doing it.

  • Tough choices on the sink – do you want a more traditional or unique look?

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