February 22, 2014

the lady and her hatThe newest plant added to my indoor collection, and of course I’m still wanting more. Thankfully, I’m able to keep them alive.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Some recipes for homemade Girl Scout cookies that Ben emailed me. We don’t buy them because he doesn’t like the hydrogenation in them, so maybe I should try making a batch at home!

This pom pom thing looks fun to make.

Marriage (any thriving relationship really) is a lot of work. Don’t stop working friends! Everyone needs this reminder from time to time.

Loving this pullover sweatshirt that Gusta sent over.

I’m styling my first Babiekins shoot on Sunday and I’m nervous!

I’m addicted to ice cream. I seriously have half a cup every night.

I was getting into watching House of Cards, but it just didn’t make me feel good. I don’t know. I was 8 episodes in and realized, I don’t like it. I mean it’s interesting, but Kevin Spacey creeps me out, so while the storyline is pretty good, it just wasn’t something I wanted filling my brain any longer. I can’t wait for the Olympics to be over so all my regular shows can come back. Good news is Walking Dead is back and I don’t mind thinking about zombies! Those don’t creep me out as much as Kevin Spacey.

Weekend’s here… yipee! I know some people think it’s dumb for stay home moms to get excited about the weekend because we get to stay home all the time (though that doesn’t mean I’m just home eating bon bons and twiddling my thumbs), but I love the weekends because that means I get to do the parenting with Ben by my side all weekend long and 2 on 4 is so much easier than 1 on 4.

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