March 1, 2014

balloonsThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

This instagram picture of my baby makes her look so big! If you wanna follow me on instagram, my handle is @rubyellenbratcher.

These shrimp tacos look delicious!

Ben and I watched About Time and I think that is officially my favorite movie, and I think it’s Ben’s too.

I’m excited for Rachel’s newest family addition. They are such a sweet family and she’s such a good (and super creative) mom, and I’m excited to keep following her adventures as they become a family of 5.

Thank the Lord I’m done with taxes. I hate procrastinating, so taxes are all set and turned in. #doingahappydance #ihatetaxes

I want to throw a party set up like this. We have bougainvilleas in our yard, so I could totally recreate this!

Life is a balancing act. Sometimes I’m good at it and sometimes I just plain suck.

Just discovered this blog and love how she infuses so much fun in her outfits!

March 1st is an important day to me. Last year, this day was a big milestone for our family, and I will share why with you all soon… I can’t wait! Happy March 1st friends!!!

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