we’ve got springtime fever

March 17, 2014

chambray and camochambray and camochambray and camochambray and camochambray and camochambray and camochambray and camochambray and camoThe girls have been an extra ball of sass and shrieking lately, particularly that baby of ours. I think it’s because they have springtime fever. Ever since that time change, we’ve definitely felt that surge of energy and we are loving having that extra light! The girls are counting down until the official jump into spring, so there will probably some sort of little celebrating here on Thursday. We like to celebrate even the simplest things! And I know, I know, we’re Californians, so it’s pretty much spring (or summer) year round, but it’s still exciting for us nonetheless.

Jumping into what the girls are wearing now, can I say how much I wish Glow’s romper came in my size (maybe I should sew myself one). I would totally wear that and her cute little silver sandals! I actually have a similar pair and I got her those so we can match. In the past, I’ve never been into being too matchy matchy with my girls, but lately, I’ve been into it (see proof here). I’ve also noticed True sort of studies what I wear and tries to recreate it. She even does that little bit of front tuck sometimes. Brave tells me her style is girly, but sporty, and she’s always wearing some sort of red and blue combo (or at least she tries to) because of Spider-Man. Thus, she was happy to pick out this Spider-Man shirt from Old Navy and pair it with a blue striped skirt. Actually, both True and Brave’s shirts here both came from the boy section of Old Navy! Soul’s latest thing is wearing things that are short. If I hand her a dress to put on, she’ll say, “Is it short?” Oye! She likes things really short, but thankfully, she likes to wear shorts or leggings under her really short skirts and dresses. Oh these girls! It’s fun seeing their personalities in how they dress themselves.

on me: dress, handmade (by me, see here and here). shoes, anthropologie (a couple years ago). necklace, lisa leonard. on true: camo shirt and chambray skirt, c/o old navy. shoes, vintage. on brave: spider-man shirt, striped skirt, and polka-dot sneakers, all c/o old navy. on soul: chambray dress and gold sandals, c/o old navy. sweater, panache box. on glow: chambray romper and silver sandals, c/o old navy.

*This post was sponsored by Old Navy. I sincerely thank you for your continuous support of this space and my sponsors. I’m truly so grateful! xoxo

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