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November 6, 2014

treehousekid&craftThe girls have been working on their Christmas wish lists and I’ve been spending time looking things up online (or trying to figure out how to make some of their requests). Treehouse Kid & Craft has always been one of my fave shops for a few years now, and I can always count on that shop to have items I know my girls would love. All things in the shop definitely encourage imagination and creativity. This les coquettes doll is the cutest “baby” I’ve seen in awhile, True would love this easy weaver, and Brave wanted a craft kit like this squirrel kit or superhero mask kit. Soul’s asking for a castle, so this block set or this pop-to-play one would fit the bill (or I’m thinking of making her a large one in the slot style like the cardboard dollhouse). Glow loves blocks and animals, so I think blabla dolls are always adorable or this set of balancing blocks. I also like this Lottie Doll and how she has a childlike body; it’s refreshing from all the princess and Barbie dolls out there. Also, I’m so honored that they have my book, Let’s Sew Together, in stock too!

Kristen, the shop owner, and I have communicated back and forth online for a few years now, and I’ve always been so inspired by her. Besides her online presence, she has a brick and mortar located in Athens, Georgia. Besides being able to shop in person, they also host a lot of creative classes for kids and adults. It really is great to see another woman pursuing her dreams and creating a wonderful space for others to enjoy too!

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I officially started mine last week, and did a little bit more today. I always like to be done before December, so once True and Brave finalize their lists, and Ben and I discuss everything, I hope to get everything squared away (and under the tree) as soon as possible!


2 comments on “loving: treehouse kid & craft”

  • Michele says:

    I just bought those balancing blocks two days ago! They were massively on sale at Crate and Barrel Outlet. I love your list. It looks very similar to what I would be picking out if I had more than one child. 🙂

    • Rubyellen says:

      How much were they on sale?! Oh man. I would love to find it on sale! I know, times 4, everything is so much trickier! Santa brings a community gift for them to share. 😉

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