winter garden readying

December 3, 2014

winter garden readyingwinter garden readyingwinter garden readyingwinter garden readyingwinter garden readyingwinter garden readyingwinter garden readyingIt’s that time to get everything ready for the winter garden. Ben took out the tomato plants, amended the soil, and we’re working on getting the covering ready for the plants. The 2′ rebar rods are hidden except for the top 6″, then sheathed with PVC piping, and will be covered by Agribon row cover. I’ll share another post as this process develops. We are planting everything from seed this year, so it’s another sort of trial and error thing; we will see how it goes.

Other than that, Ben amended the soil with bulk amendment from a local soil distributor. Any free Saturdays we have are usually spent working on projects. Ben’s working on outside ones and I’m working on inside ones. There’s always something to do or fix; maintaining and growing a garden takes a lot of work and dedication (and money). Though once you get everything in and flourishing, it’s so satisfying to be able to get food from your own backyard.

I’m thankful Ben takes the time to research and do all the grunt work for our garden. If he didn’t, I totally wouldn’t, and our backyard would just be grass and concrete. His birthday is coming up next week and his one request is that we all work on the garden together. That request is easy enough that I think we could make that happen. Hopefully, it doesn’t rain on that day. We’ve been getting a couple of really good rain days in, something we love and desperately need, but that means we get off schedule on the garden plans because Ben’s not able to get out there and work on it. Any of you doing a winter garden this year?


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