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January 6, 2016

Monday got done. Woot! We did school, with much hesitation, but it got done. I was so tempted to declare it one more day of vacation, but alas, school it is. Tuesday came, the heavens opened up and gave us rain (California is doing a happy dance), and I wanted to crawl back into bed and declare it an “educational” movie day. HA! While that was so tempting, I resisted (oh it was tough), and made sure we got school done first. Then, we did the “educational” movie day. With math, reading, writing, history (saving science for another day) completed, I think we deserved it. Really though, with the forecast predicting rain all week, I’ll be battling the responsibilities of having to homeschool with the desire to stay in bed and watch movies. The struggle is real. #firstworldproblems

3 comments on “rainy day schedule”

  • Karla says:

    I relate on every level!

  • Leslie says:

    My sons received those magnetic tiles for Christmas. They’ve always loved magnetic construction toys, Magformers and Goobi are popular in my house, but those tiles are an even bigger hit. I love the imaginative stories they create with them. My five year old has created every possible Star Wars ship out of them.

    • Rubyellen says:

      My girls do the same thing with them!!! I love seeing how they create Star Wars characters with the tiles and blocks. They get so creative.

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