fluffy cotton tassel

May 19, 2016

Fluffy Cotton Tassel

Twisted cotton rope (I purchased mine from Michaels in the jewelry section)
1. Cut about thirty 8″ strands of cotton rope. Unravel each strand and comb through strands with the needle.

2. Bundle all the strands together and tightly tie a 10″ long bunch of unraveled strands around the center and knot.

3. Cut another 10″ long bunch of unraveled strands, wrap a couple times around (about 1/2″ from the top) the tassel neck. Knot to secure.

4. Turn the tassel upside down so the tassel neck is covered. Trim tassel ends. Use the tie-off threads to attach it to your project.

I wanted to add a big fluffy tassel to my round market basket after pinning this bag. I think the fluffy tassel definitely adds some pizazz to my basket. It would also be fun to dip dye this into a bright pink or yellow. There will probably be a few more tassels made in my future.

basket from french baskets.

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