August 20, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

The girls went on vacation with my parents this week and Ben and I were able to have some alone time. It was a blessing to have a little bit more quiet and calm together, but we missed the girls a lot.

Thankful for new friends! We went on a double date with our neighbors this week.

I’m eyeing these pants.

This funky coat is awesome. How can I make one?

Someone get this vintage sisal bag!

I admire the ceramic artwork of Gaby of Oohclay. Her clay experiments are so whimsical. I adore the egg cups.

The concept of the OnMoments shop is real sweet. They are time capsules in a bottle and you can have them mail it on a specific day sometime in the future (within a year).

We have one week of summer vacation left. Excited to get back in routine, but we will miss the carefree days of summer a whole lot.

Happy weekending friends!

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