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October 10, 2016

Here we are in the second month of the school year and things are going well. Our school days have been fuller than previous years; I’m still navigating how to divide up the time with teaching the 3 different grades. Soul and Glow do some of the same lessons, but I modify a lot for Glow, especially in reading and math. While True and Brave are different grades, they do everything the same. Brave is a fourth grader, but does fifth grade level things. It’s been an adjustment having Glow officially join us this year.

The girls have picked out their Halloween costumes and we are going to start on that this week. We have to go thrifting to put together True’s, and I have 2 pieces to make for Soul’s, and Glow’s is the most daunting. Brave’s is already done (I made it in the spring), so that makes my life a tad bit easier. Hopefully, by the end of the this week we will have 4 completed Halloween costumes. Wish me luck!

This was our most relaxing weekend in awhile. I watched a movie on Saturday afternoon, and also made time to start a new macrame project. Ben wasn’t feeling great on Sunday, so we headed home after our morning church gathering, and just chilled for the rest of Sunday. We watched the debates (oye!) and definitely needed to watch an episode of Fear the Walking Dead after that.

Cheers to a brand new week and hoping to getting lots accomplished!

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