superbloom in walker canyon

April 12, 2017

There’s a lot of pictures because this superbloom we’ve got going on, deserves a lot of pictures. We headed out to Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore last week and the superbloom was still going strong over there. The girls brought baskets to collect rocks, sticks, and flowers, but once we saw the “don’t pick flowers” sign, well, they just stuck to collecting rocks and sticks. We went midday, so the sun was out in full force as we hiked a couple miles through the canyon. It’s a really easy hike and I saw some ladies hiking in strappy summery sandals, so you don’t have to come decked out in fancy hiking gear. In fact, we all wore spring dresses and some easy hiking shoes. The girls have their Keen footwear (this is the one they have) for when we do easy hiking (they’re great because you can easily throw them in the wash), and I wore some sneakers.

Glow pretty much skipped up the mountain, but skipping is typically her MO. As she was skipping, she yelled out, “I love skipping!” I love when she skips because you can see her joy and happiness in each little hop step. Something about skipping is so carefree. When do we lose the natural inclination to skip? I don’t skip anymore on my own (only when skipping with the girls). It would be an odd sight to see an adult skipping down the sidewalk, but I think there ought to be more of it. I think skipping is an overflow of the heart, and our adult hearts, at least mine is, is bogged down with so many unnecessary things. Glow is a little girl, who knows her mom and dad will take care of her and love her, and all she needs to do is trust them. Hence, she doesn’t have a care in the world and skipping is the overflow from the freedom she experiences. Thinking about it that way reminds me that I have a perfect Father who is in control, sent His Son to die in my place, so I can be free from bondage, and all I need to do is trust Him too. Skipping through life should also be my modus operandi too because of the freedom I have in Christ.

Back to superbloom hunting in Walker Canyon… we saw so many different types of wildflowers. There weren’t as many poppies, but there was still a wide variety here. There’s a sign at the bottom of the hill that list the different wildflowers you will find, so if you take a picture of it before you start your hike, you can refer back to the picture to identify them (if you aren’t already a wildflower expert) as you see them. It was almost like a scavenger hunt to the girls. The only one who wasn’t really into was Soul. The two older girls brought their cameras to document the adventure, so even though they couldn’t pick flowers, they have some superbloom hunting pictures to treasure. We just went a week ago, so I’m thinking there’s still a bunch of wildflowers there, but you better hurry up and visit before they fade away for the season.

on true: dress, homesewn by true! on brave: dress, homesewn (using 2 different thrifted denim dresses). on soul and glow: catimini dresses, c/o childrensalon (see more here). all of them are wearing moxie sandals, c/o keen footwear.









7 comments on “superbloom in walker canyon”

  • Samantha Lee says:

    The blooms everywhere are INSANE. I went to the Antelope Poppy Fields a couple weeks ago (so, so beautiful) and drove down to Carlsbad Flower Fields last weekend. Even the drive down there were just so many blankets of yellow on the hillsides, and they were filling my heart with pure joy. <3

    • Rubyellen says:

      We went to Antelope Poppy Fields this week and it was gorgeous! We love all this superbloomin’! And we are having fun adventuring to find them.

  • Sammy says:

    Oh my god! The pics are really awesome-blossom. You made my day. The kids and the place. It gives me mentally peace.

  • Rebekkah says:

    I’m so glad you including the skipping bit. I used to LOVE skipping as a child; lately God has been particularly relentless in His invitations for me to trust and rest in Him. :]

    Happy Easter!! He is Risen!!

  • These are the prettiest photos you have ever posted.
    Happy Resurrection Week. Your girls are all beautiful and skipping is amazing. I skip when I am at the food store and people give me looks. it is fun.

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